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A new technique of meditation and MEDIA CONCEPT

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  • sgaddam9
    Dear Friends, Here is a new technique of meditation and concept which was not present ever before (MEDIA CONCEPT) His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi
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      Dear Friends,
      Here is a new technique of meditation and concept which was not
      present ever before (MEDIA CONCEPT)

      His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi with his divine
      blessings got established a scientific and spiritual
      foundation, "The Mission of Compassion". He says that
      spirituality is the 'Super Science'. The foundation is established
      for the sake of the ignorant people who are living in a mythical
      world in order to make these people aware of, and eradicate the
      confusion and chaos prevailing in every human being regarding
      Science, Religion and Reality and to serve the community with
      hospitality, identifying the social evils and medical problems of
      the humanity and, by innovating and educating the human mind on the
      basis of materialistic spiritualization". `Mission of Compassion'
      will establish meditation centers to elevate `Mundane Mind' to "Mind
      of MoralSanctity" for the sake of society, as well as the social
      based individual life. In this way man can attain energy and gain
      wisdom, which leads to physical and spiritual progress, thereby
      establishing a compassionate neighborhood.

      Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi is a scientific saint who
      propagates religious humanism and practices practical philosophy,
      and known for his simplicity. Spiritual wealth, achieved after
      years of meditation is his only wealth, which is being utilized for
      the sake of human welfare. He performs all his activities through
      the `medium' simultaneously in many places, and discusses
      different subjects with different individuals at the same time
      revealing that he his omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. While
      performing activities through the media, Guruji (physically) himself
      is present at a distant place hundreds and thousands of miles away
      from the place where the activities are conducted, and perform his
      normal routine duties. For Guruji, both time and distance are zero.
      Generally, one object cannot be present in two different places at
      the same time and science does not agree to this, then how is Guruji
      performing this. To reach the entire world, Guruji had
      introduced `Media Concept'. 'Medium' is an individual in whom
      Guruji spiritually enters and conducts activities. Anybody can
      become medium if they follow arduous physical, mental and spiritual
      discipline and establishes spiritual contact and channel with
      Guruji. How Guruji is performing the activities through the media is
      very significant since it signifies his spiritual status. Apart
      from the activities performed through the medium, Guruji's devotees
      feel his presence in many different ways (Redolence (devotees
      recognize Guruji's presence by fragrance, spiritual vibrations,
      waves, and directly visualize while in meditation and seek his

      Creation of Universe and Creativity

      Amidst, the controversial theories proposed by religions and science
      with regard to the creation and evolution of universe, Guruji with
      his `Absolute Knowledge' and `Supreme Wisdom'
      proposes a new and
      authentic theory. He says that the origin of the Universe is from
      the self-existent eternal and energetic "Mother Nucleus" (Zero Based
      Nucleus) and this universe is the manifestation of the 'Universal
      Energy' continuously emitted from the 'Mother Nucleus'.

      No existed Soul, Mind has to be transcended to Soul

      Guruji says that no human being is born with a Soul. According to
      Guruji by birth all human beings have PRANA (the vital power), and
      the MIND but no Soul. In every human being, Soul is in the minute
      form treasured up (hidden, stored) within the mind, 'The Jeevatmn'
      (Universal Soul (Energy)) that has to be transcended to the
      Spiritual Soul through meditation, in order to, either to be merged
      with, or absorbed into Universal Soul, -the perpetual paramatmn.

      Meditation is a state of 'absolute thoughtlessness'. Guruji says
      that before anybody reaches to the stage of meditation there is a
      need for preparing the external and the internal body for
      meditation. These stages include Yoga, Controlled Breathing,
      Concentration and Contemplation. Guruji says it is `regular
      meditation' to start with, and on regular practice, 'Jeevatmn'
      (subtle of Universal Soul (Energy)) may be transcended
      to 'Conscience'. For this the `physical mind' that is under
      constant influence of the physical environment (senses) needs to
      change to `mind of moral sanctity' that function under the
      of the `sixth sense' (intuition). Subsequently, individual leads
      moral life that would be profitable for both himself/herself and the
      society. When the same meditation on deep practice results in
      spiritual meditation, the conscience transcends to 'Soul' and then
      to 'Spiritual Soul'. If the materialistic Mind is to be saturated or
      culminated by means of Cosmic (Spiritual/Vibrative) Meditation, it
      may have the chance of achieving the Divine Channel through
      the 'Spiritual Soul' achieved. Spiritual Meditation (SM) is the
      medium that is to be radiated by Guruji just like the mind to the
      body. In the stage of vision (between the stage of contemplation and
      the stage of meditation) one could visualize Guruji and seek his

      Spiritual, Social Services, and Scientific Activities

      Dhyanprasthan is the spiritual wing of the organization. Guruji's
      main objective is to inculcate the concept of Dhyan in every
      individual. Dhyan means concentration and contemplation with the
      view of minimizing thoughts and Prasthan means evolutionary
      ascendancy with progress degree by degree. Dhayanaprasthan is the
      means proposed to achieve Manoprasthan (Ascendancy of Mind).

      Sri Guruji's Spiritual Activities are Three Pronged:
      1. Guruji is performing spiritual activity through a `Medium'
      at all centers of Dhyanaprasthan.
      2. The afflicted under Sri Guruji's direction establishes a
      spiritual contact and a vibratory channel by meditation.
      3. In rare cases, based on self-conviction, Guruji administers
      the required treatment to the afflicted, whether known or unknown
      directly with no presence of concerned person.
      Apart from the regular spiritual activities, the organization is
      engaged and committed to several social services activities and a
      wide range of scientific activities would play a vital role in the
      organization in the near future.

      Guruji's Writings
      Guruji through his books had conveyed several secrets of the
      universe that he had discovered by the `Supreme Wisdom'
      and `Absolute Knowledge' he had achieved through meditation.
      had in-depth penned various topics like Meditation, Mind, Body,
      Soul, Principle of Karma, Freewill, Scientific concepts and various
      Social and political issues present in the society. He had discussed
      all the components from both physical and meta-physical points of
      view. The books are for all sections of society (common man,
      professionals, philosophers, scientists, politicians and many more).

      4722 KISSENA BLVD
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