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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Question From Email about a meditation experience

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  • Jason Fishman
    Hi F, What you were disposed to isn t unsual and can be viewed as good or bad, but isn t really either or. Your friend is correct that what you were subjected
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 6, 2004
      Hi F,
      What you were disposed to isn't unsual and can be viewed as good or bad, but isn't really either or. Your friend is correct that what you were subjected to was the witness as it has been called, for lack of a more useful term.
      During a creative process one can be exposed to variable points of perspective, most of which are subtle and go unoticed as something other then "me" in my regular state of perception. If you'd like to call it the reality of the situation, you aren't the rapper anymore then your a father (or mother), son (or daughter) or any other labels that you often use to represent yourself. The creative process as well as trama and meditation can often unhinge a person from being a specific individual in time, exposing a partial truth about the you, that you take for granted are these specific labels we have to describe ones self. It not an uncommon pratice to say "i'm from detroit" when in truth, beyond locality your not from anywhere that isn't all inclusive of all localities, nationalities, planets, solar systems or universes. It's actually a great feeling to lift the wieght a lil bit to not be burdened by being a localized being with responsabilities and functions (like breathing and deficating), it can also be un-nerving to sort of seperate oneself from oneself equally so as well.
      I'm not sure what your really looking for, maybe more fo the same? Or an expantion on that experience? Either way we are all subjects to an expantion that what we are truly, are not apart of or from.
      Peace and Love

      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Hello I am an artist, rap artist� and I knew about meditation and
      such, but I never really experienced it on a very large scale (excuse
      my writing style� incorrect punctuations, but follow me) until just a
      couple of days ago. I was in the studio and was rapping; all of a
      sudden I began to hear myself in the speakers� I heard myself like I
      was everyone else listening to me.. Like I wasn't in my body!!!
      Something (?) then told me to close my eyes, I did and all I saw was
      me! I was watching myself like it was my reflection. I didn't have any
      clothes on, it was just a variety of colors moving around my shape,
      and it was like I was in a dark world. Every time I opened my eyes, it
      was like I was being pulled back into reality, then I closed my eyes
      again and went back to that world. When I was finished� everyone's
      mouths dropped and people in the studio were requesting to here the
      track I was on!!! It was amazing!!!!!  I told my friend about it (he's
      into meditation) and he said it was The Witness.... he said that it is
      one of the levels of meditation and it was basically a good thing!
      After that day�  I feel very different about this world� It is
      changing right in front of me and I have never experienced anything
      like that ever in my life. It sparked my interest soo much that I
      searched you guys out... (You site is great�I read a lot of your
      material earlier). I don't know why I wrote this to you (actually I
      do) I want to know if there is any advice you can give me, or steer me
      into a particular direction, but any word of advice would be helpful.

      Thank you

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