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  • Jason Fishman
    Great comments Bob! Thank you..some thoughts below... medit8ionsociety wrote: Dear Sri Jason, It seems from here that all 6+ billion
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 4, 2004

      Great comments Bob! Thank you..some thoughts below...
      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Dear Sri Jason,
      It seems from here that all 6+ billion of us 'go there' every night as we all astral travel in our dreams. But perhaps we could qualify that as just dreaming, and Astral Travel as being conscious of being out of body, and Remote Viewing as being able to direct the astral travel to a specific destination.
      ---- The dreamer doesn't make a choice about the dream. The apparentness of the choosing deciphers the experience, in my experience. It's a very powerful and corruptable thing to have a choice and not one easily given out. Being dependent on the dream is also a choice, but not one that appears that way to the dreamer. Choice can only be available when there is an experience known to choose from, with that the choice to feel well about others and make that a focal point, does make the choosing smoother and more apparent.
      In any event, it is fascinating stuff, and maybe that could be a problem, as so many get stuck reviewing these transcendent events, and don't smell the roses right in front of them.

      --- An experience of a rose! It's practically transcendent!

      This is commonly characterized by retelling their Enlightenment story over and over and over again. When around the 'Real deal', they invariably (well, nothing is invariable except invariability, eh:-) present the present.
      --- Well enlightenment can certainly be a personal goal, but it can not be reached as a destination without doing the leg work and removal of the idea of what enlightment is like. Present is always there, no real need to look for it. I do however understand your take here, stay in the now, planning for with expectations of, provided by past experience is often a futile process that destroys the enjoyment of, when future plans become the present. In other words, have a goal, not an outcome... Invariability! Well said :-)
      In any event, we had an Astral Aspects article in
      The Inner Traveler issue #9 that also gives a simple 'how-to' method for astral traveling/remote viewing. It's a large file (the issue is 2.6Mb) and will take a while to download, but for those who are interested in this subject, the art accompanying alone it is worth the wait. The URL is: http://www.meditationsociety.com/it94382/index.html
      Peace and blessings,

      --- Another great issue, having the reader at heart as always! I will read it further, perhaps in it's entirety this evening after a few 4th parties! Happy 4th to those that celebrate!!!

      Thanks so much, Bob!
      Peace and Love

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