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Re: Knives vs Meditation: Forging a-head

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  • Gene Poole
    ... Thanks, n00b. ... It is yes, a matter of higher heat, needed to allow shaping of metal. But more than heat, really; the issue is TIME. An instance; how
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 30, 2004
      >no by <n0by4you@y...> wrote:

      > Dear Bob, dear Gene Poole, dear Readers,
      > even as German the language English
      > as my second choice is more difficult
      > to write and sometimes to understand.
      > From this letter of my friend Gene Poole,
      > well known and - in my way - respected
      > meanwhil as worthy friend may I add my point?

      Thanks, n00b.

      > ''Forge work on metal'' needs a higher heat
      > than i.e. cutting plum-cake into pieces -
      > don't you agree about this natural law?

      It is yes, a matter of higher heat,
      needed to allow shaping of metal.

      But more than heat, really; the issue
      is TIME.

      An instance; how much time does
      pass, before coal, becomes diamond,
      even at the very high heat and pressure,
      in the environment deep inside the

      It is not an 'instant' process; and
      because it can happen only in
      certain ways, over a period of time,
      'impatience' will not hasten the

      The same with metal forge work;
      the 'finished product' will take an
      amount of time, during which the
      skill of the smithy is deployed.

      Impatience, will serve only to dull
      the skill, and also, will result in an
      inferior end-product.

      One who fires the forge for metal-
      work, knows already, the factor of
      time, and knows that there is no
      short-cut. In this, we see the difference
      between the master smithy, and the
      impatient 'spiritual seeker'.

      > When you get closer to this heat of fire,
      > have you experienced uncomfortable reactions
      > - like sweat, a desire to escape, to leave the place?

      I and the forge, are one.

      > Therefore to stand the heat of the fire, symbolized
      > as ''hell fire'' in some cultures, from my P.o.V.
      > a special conditioned training is inevitable.
      > From my family and culture heritage this
      > hard education is for ''warriors'' only -
      > weak ones perish, die or leave in disgust.

      Skill is learned over time; and skill is deployed
      over time, to produce a desired product.

      The heat, the skill, are for nothing,
      if time is not respected.

      Hitting harder, does not replace the
      skill of the hit; the shaping of hot metal,
      requires 'finesse', skill won by experience,
      which is acquired by the virtue of patience,
      and that patience, is simply an acknowledgment
      of the reality of the relationship between
      metal, and heat.

      > Gene Poole gets by the years of our friendship
      > stronger and stronger in this warrior training,
      > our longtime relationship brings sweets after sweat?

      My 'reward' for the sweat, is to be
      able to exert my efforts with 'finesse';
      so that, I am able to shape into fine detail,
      what before, had been a crude lump.

      > Some rare ones with a longing for the ''heat of the fire'',
      > some rare ones stand hot, hard forge work,
      > real rare ones meditate on mind-knife, lovely art of attacks!
      > n0by

      'Attack' is relative, is it not?

      Does the tumor perceive the
      scalpel of the surgeon as 'attack'?

      And is the motive of the surgeon,
      'attack', or is it creative, to preserve
      and prolong the life of the patient?

      These are among the issues,
      which must be explored and
      understood, before the Big Brain
      can finally get about its real

      When these issues are understood,
      the fulfillment of resonance with
      one's true nature can be had; and
      then, one is functioning above the
      level of dire conflict.

      ==Gene Poole==

      > Spiritually oriented groups disdain
      > cutting remarks; and everyone wants
      > to be on the cutting edge.
      > A good knife used well, never loses its temper.
      > Participating in spiritual groups, can be
      > a test of one's mettle.
      > A private or smallish smithy/forging
      > company can produce damascus steel
      > for you. You can even learn how to
      > design the billets, to render into the
      > very patterns you desire.
      > If you really get into it, you can buy/make
      > your own forge setup, including a nifty
      > automatic 'pounder', and stationary
      > metal-cutting bandsaw, so that you can
      > design and produce your own billets of
      > damascus. You can fold them as much as
      > you want.
      > I find metal-working, especially forge
      > work, to be a fine 'meditation'.
      > ==Gene Poole==
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    • no by
      Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 18:50:38 -0000 From: Gene Poole Subject: Re: Knives vs Meditation: Forging a-head Thanks, n00b. But more than
      Message 2 of 11 , Jul 2, 2004

           Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 18:50:38 -0000
           From: "Gene Poole" <gene_poole@...>
        Subject: Re: Knives vs Meditation: Forging a-head

        Thanks, n00b.

        But more than heat, really; the issue
        is TIME.


        Thanks, G.P. - great Priest or something like this? ;-)


        It looks like, you're right. Sure you are,
        otherwise, who am I, to talk against your truth?

        That brings my weird warrior's word work
        to the point of _my_ real issues:


        My words are helpless, all what I've done,
        utterly helpless - a growing helpless towards death!

        My floppy finger in service of my mind, ego, existence,
        my readers reactions or actions against/for or YAHHHN...


        Again and again I have to admit, ''I'' can ''do''nothing'' -
        nothing can be done - like time runs out with each breath.

        In this helplessness my way to the exit should surrender,
        even in this I'm helpless - it happens or not -

        Like friendship, enemies, love, hate or YAAAAHNNN,
        helpless I am, helplessness is the issue, _my_ issue!





        even to lazy to look up the dic,
        who this word needs to written: HELPLESSNESS!

        Helpless to share my helpless missing understading
        for my helplessness - really I, I, I would prefer to help myself !


        But WHO AM I?














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      • Nina
        Connection found between knives and meditation... Nina . . . http://www.throwzini.com/issue_91.html 2. GUEST COLUMN: KNIFE THROWING THERAPY by Jim Tengler
        Message 3 of 11 , Jul 2, 2004
          Connection found between knives and meditation...


          . . .


          2. GUEST COLUMN:

          by Jim Tengler

          Hello, just thought I'd share a little something about what I
          call "KTT" or "Knife Throwing Therapy". To fill you in quickly, I
          have been throwing knives off and on for most of my life. I'm 41 now.
          No competition or anything, just having fun.

          About four and a half years ago I was in a bad motorcycle accident,
          broke a lot of bones and had eight surgeries to try to repair some of
          it. To make a long story short, I ended up with severe chronic pain
          in a few areas.

          One of the methods of trying to fight chronic pain is meditation and
          one form of this meditation is called distractive meditation. What
          that means is finding something that you have to concentrate on and
          focus to help distract your mind from focusing on the pain. In the
          process of finding something I could focus on and stay with for that
          I decided to use knife throwing, since its something I love and you
          need to focus on.

          So I set up a target in the back yard and I've been throwing everyday
          for months now. It turns out to be fantastic therapy for the pain and
          a great way to relieve stress and a focused way to relieve anger and

          Plus my nine-year-old daughter who always wants to do stuff with Dad
          has picked up the sport and loves it. And to be fair, when she really
          focuses she can sometimes throw better than me. Kinda embarrasses me
          sometimes but she's a natural.

          Well that's about all. Just thought I'd pass on that knife throwing
          could even have some medical benefits to it.

          Happy throwing and stay safe.

          Jim Tengler
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