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Re: [Meditation Society of America] More on Pranayama

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  • Harold
    ... Witness to one s life as it takes place Hi all, The above speaks highly of pranayama practices and suggests a one size fits all solution to worldly woes
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2004
      >>>>virtually no other practice positions one more perfectly to be the
      Witness to one's life as it takes place>>

      Hi all, The above speaks highly of pranayama practices and suggests a
      one size fits all solution to worldly woes and answers the mystery of life.
      I have been involved with pranayama practice for some time and i do not
      doubt the capabilities of pranayama, but feel the outcome rests more on
      one's "initial" motives concerning the practice than it does on pranayama's
      ability to purify motives. Although truth encourages more truth, on an
      individual basis what is revealed in breath has more to do with what one
      want's revealed as opposed to what is necessarially available. Truth
      encourages more of the same, but only in like porportion, to wit, the
      sincerity one brings to the practice to begin with. Sometimes an unconscious
      well intentioned rationalization can be confused with sincerity. In that
      sense the below is only half true.

      >> The practice of pranayama is a question of awareness, attention, and
      intention far more than questions and mental chatter about benefits or
      dangers, or teachers, or right or wrong ways to do it.>>


      > With every inhalation, the universe fills us will love, healing,
      > wisdom and bliss. This is retained and sent to every cell in our body.
      > The universe then receives it back with an exhalation, along with
      > impurities that we needed to get rid of. This cycle is repeated and
      > repeated until the need to replace the vehicle arrives. There is
      > little danger in being aware of this process, and doing what we can to
      > allow its unblocked flow. There is a far greater danger in being
      > unaware of this life-long cycling. Raja yoga lets us become aware of
      > the things that impede the process mentally, Hatha yoga lets us
      > understand this physically. Bhakti yoga lets us awaken to it
      > emotionally. Karma yoga brings awareness actively. And Jhana yoga
      > dissolves all restrictions through enquiry. It is often said that only
      > Raja and Hatha yoga use pranayama techniques, and in a specific way,
      > that is so. But in reality all yogis, all people, including those who
      > make no so-called spiritual efforts at all, do pranayama every moment.
      > And as pranayama takes place in the moment, and we go from the shore
      > of birth to the shore of death, .
      > Ignoring the
      > Jhana/Vedanta/Advaita/etc-like reality/concept that there is no
      > "me/you/others/doing/etc", and to refer back to the analogy of life
      > being a going from one shore to the other; when you are in a boat, it is
      far better to look where you are, and where you are going, if you want to
      get to your destination without running into a hazard while at sea. And
      pranayama is an ancient and proven methodology to help this trip go well.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob
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