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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Question about severe leg, feet, & hand cramping

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  • Harold
    ... for anyone who feels compelled to try it. Good point Andy!. In the book, Be Here Now by Richard Alpert, (Ram Dass) there is mention and caution
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2004
      > the unstated assumption that meditation is an appropriate activity
      for anyone who feels compelled to try it.>

      Good point Andy!. In the book, Be Here Now by Richard Alpert, (Ram
      Dass) there is mention and caution concerning premature efforts/ short cuts
      to enlightenment. In the book it refers to the negative or non supervised
      use of psychedelics and how that can cause one to enter the gate's of Heaven
      with the ego still intact. It suggests that if one enters with the ego
      still intact they have gone through the doors "prematurely" and that any
      "revelations" experienced that way contribute to dogma and confusion.

      It's my experience that some yogic practices allows certian glands to
      release chemicals into the blood stream. Chemicals that can have similar
      effects on the brain as some pshchedelic drugs. Although pranayama, yogic
      practices and meditation are a more natural and safe way to enter, i feel
      that the considerations mentioned above and below may be helpful to some.

      Although there is no right or wrong path, a "solid" and systematic
      approach that allows for some initial form of control over the ego before
      meditation practices begin will help ensure that when one starts meditating
      the ego will not so eaisly lay claim on any spiritual revelations for it's
      own purpose. This approach requires the "close" guidence of a spiritually
      enlightened person who has first mastered control over their own senses. It
      is not so attractive for the do it your selfer's or production line
      meditation practicioner, but the world is full of "self " taught spiritual
      practationers, some of whom are gentle souls and others who's deeds account
      for the many atrocities that are currently being done in the name of God.
      Personally i favor a systematic approach to ego smashing prior to it's
      culmination via meditation, but that's JMO.

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