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Here, have a Cohiba.

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  • sandeep
    Seeker: Are the past and future mere imagination? ... Yes, even the present is mere imagination, for the sense of time is purely mental. Space is similarly
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2004
      Are the past and future mere imagination?

      Yes, even the present is mere imagination, for the sense of time is purely mental.
      Space is similarly mental.

      Therefore birth and rebirth, which take place in  time and space, cannot be other than imagination
      If all is imagination, even your utterance as "its all imagination", is part of that imagination?

      Offcourse it is.
      If it is, why should I give your imagery utterance, any weightage?

      Do not.
      Or do.
      A giving of weightage, or not giving any weightage, is just imagination at play.
      Whose imagination is at play?

      Which is nothing but your's.
      And thus neither mine or your's
      This does not help me.

      If you say so, it must be the gospel truth.
      That, there is someone to be helped, births a helper.
      Just powerful imagination at play.
      What about my 20 years sadhna?

      What about it?
      Are you saying its all imagination?
      What about my experiences of Samadhi?
      What about so many people who have claimed enlightenment, doing sadhna, doing meditation?

      Never said imagination at play, is not powerfully creative.
      Again that bloody imagination.
      Can you tell me in simple words, whose imagination?
      For That-which-imagines, you can use whatever name, term, label that gives you peace of mind.
      And know that, in naming, in conceptualizing, even as "that-which-imagines", imagination has reared its beautiful head.
      For only within imagination is there a need to refer, to allude, to name and thus to seek that-which- imagines.
      In order to scratch, there must be a need to create an itch isn't it?
      Are you telling me my spirituality is an itch?
      And that too, within an imagination?

      Its all imagination at play.
      Including that there is somebody like you who is asking questions and that there is somebody sitting across answering that its all imagination.
      How does all this imagery help me deal with my suffering? With the world's suffering?
      Wait, I know what you will say..........My suffering, the world's suffering, the world, is all imagination at play.
      Knowing its all an imagination, which includes the one who knows this, do whatsoever you are moved to alleviate your suffering, the world's suffering.
      Or sit in a road-side Cafe, sipping Colombian coffee, idly watching the world pass by.
      My suffering is that I am firmly convinced my suffering is real.
      And thus I need to seek a remedy for my real suffering.

      Wow, even after Samadhi, you continue to suffer.
      I do not deny that to you, you being real, your suffering is real.(for you).
      And thus to you, the need to seek remedial measures is real for you.
      And that is why, do whatever you are doing.
      20 years of that doing, numerous satoris, couple of Samadhis, here I am still asking the same questions.
      Obviously I am doing something wrong.

      In imagination, can there be anything "wrong"?
      Or "right"?
      As a child, you must have played some form of the "lets-pretend" game.
      Was anything ever "wrong" in that game?
      You made up the rules, some of the most weirdest ones .
      And you played by those rules.
      And when Mom yelled that she would send you back from where you came from if you did not have your bath RIGHT NOW,  you ceased that game .
      And without bothering whether you had "won" or "lost" in your pretend game, you dragged yourself to the bath tub, searching for your favourite ducky.
      In your pretend game you were always the winner, whether you actually "won" by those made-up rules or not.
      So you are saying, I must pretend I have won my spiritual struggle, whether I have got my ducky or not?

      That, right now you have yet to win, is imagination at play.
      That, in future you will win, is imagination at play
      That, you have actually WON, will be again  imagination at play.
      Is there anything which is not imagination at play?
      This, right now.
      Not what you think or conceptualize "this, right now",.... to be.
      But the absence of the imagination of "this, right now" (as "this, right now").....
      ...And the absence of the absence of the imagination of "this, right now" (as "this, right now")
      I give up

      Here, have a Cohiba.
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