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And Here Comes Silky Sullivan

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  • debralawson999
    In a message dated 10/29/2002 10:04:43 AM Eastern Standard Time, merkaba@pacifier.com writes: Silky s races were like each of our lives. The first half of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2002
      In a message dated 10/29/2002 10:04:43 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      merkaba@... writes:

      Silky's races were like each of our lives. The first half of our
      lives we were
      "ordinary people". Silky ran the first half of his races in the same
      way, in last
      place, sometimes so far back of the leaders that people thought he
      was retarded
      and would throw their betting tickets on him away.

      However, in the last part of the race Silky was the fastest and
      greatest horse
      that ever lived. Winning races with the biggest heart ever seen in a
      horse, (and
      probably laughing at all those people crawling on their hands and
      knees looking
      for the winning betting tickets they had thrown away.)

      And so it is with your lives. Your spiritual work lead you to the
      Sacred Merkaba
      Techniques and now each of you are on the fastest path to Multiple
      that has ever existed in Creation.

      Each of you teachers are finding this out on a personal level, as the
      energies that are now available in our Sacred Merkaba Techniques
      workshops and
      intensives is are "off the scale".

      It took the first 7 months of intensives this year to train 38 new
      teachers. The
      new spiritual energies we received at the end of July signaled the
      start of the
      Silky Sullivan Sprint to raise the level of overall human
      consciousness so that a
      large scale Physical Body Ascension is possible for all those who are
      While all teachers who have been daily activating in all purity 8 or
      Merkabas; cleansing 58 or more chakras; and activating 6 or more
      pranic energy
      centers are now Ascended in consciousness, a large number of you have
      now begun
      exhibiting the aches and pains of Physical Body Ascension. (Remember
      to utilize
      the suggestions in my recent email to alleviate the aches and pains
      of a Physical
      Body Ascension).

      The new energies have attracted and are attracting many people to us.
      In 7 months
      we were able to train 38, however in the last two months of August
      and September
      we have certified 40 new teachers.

      Now I am pleased to announce that we are currently training 50+ new
      teachers. The
      human consciousness grid is in the process of another leap in growth
      as we raise
      the level of 50+ consciousnesses into the Unity Consciousness level
      of Creation.
      All teachers have been assured of their Ascensions into the Angelic
      Archangelic levels of Creation and Beyond by simply continuing their
      with their full set of teachers level techniques on a daily basis,
      every day
      since their intensive.

      The 50 new teachers will give us around 130 new certified teachers in
      2002, with
      one more Adept Intensive scheduled for Nov 30th to Dec 7th in France,
      NYC, possible Seattle and perhaps in your area.

      I will be in seclusion until after the intensives. I recommend extra
      during the days of this intensive, as spiritual energies will be
      greatly enhanced
      throughout the planet.

      In God's Love

      PS May be forwarded to others.

      Deb ~ Ra el Auriel
      Adept Teacher
      Basic Sacred Merkaba Techniques
      (239-417-9742) ( http://www.merkaba.org)
      Golden Flower of Life Healing
      Join Mail List: Goldenfloweroflife
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