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Integral Yoga Magazine

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  • medit8ionsociety
    This news about one of the world s greatest yoga and meditation magazines just arrived. I recommend it highly. Peace and blessings, Bob Integral Yoga Magazine
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2004
      This news about one of the world's greatest yoga and meditation
      magazines just arrived. I recommend it highly.
      Peace and blessings,

      Integral Yoga Magazine

      Don't miss the Summer issue! Our most spectacular yet!

      Special section for Yoga teachers on the Yoga therapy boom!

      Latest research, latest training programs, interfacing with the
      medical community, working with special populations and more!

      Subscribe by June 15th and receive
      the Summer 2004 issue coming in July

      * Special feature: Yoga and Health: The Yoga Therapy Boom. Dr. Dean
      Ornish previews his cutting-edge research and Dr. Timothy McCall
      reviews Yoga therapy research. Dr. Amrita McLanahan talks about the
      medical benefits of Yoga. Smith Farm's Shanti Norris, Dr. M. Mala
      Cunningham, Jnani Chapman, R.N., and Nischala Joy Devi discuss the
      latest trainings and programs for Yoga therapists.

      * Meera Kerr's new Big Yoga program and tapes.
      * Feng Shui and Vastu expert Bhaskar Alan Deva on "Healing Our
      Environments, Healing Ourselves."
      * Roshi Bernie Glassman discusses common boundaries in mysticism
      between Judaism and Buddhism, as well as his spiritually-based social
      * Spirituality and Psychotherapy: Common Boundaries—A Yogic
      Perspective on Psychological Trauma by Laura Sevika Douglass.
      * and much more!

      We've made it easier to subscribe now

      * Online via our Web site: www.iymagazine.org
      * By secure 24-hour phone order line: 434-969-3121 x 242
      * By mail: $20 ($36 outside USA) payable to IY Magazine, Dept.SP,
      RR#1, Box 1720, Buckingham, VA 23921.

      It's about your spiritual practice, study and inspiration!
      A quarterly journal for seekers who want to deepen their practice of
      Integral Yoga and their understanding of the many faith and wisdom
      It's a wealth of Sri Gurudev's teachings on Integral Yoga. Every issue
      of Integral Yoga Magazine (IYM) features outstanding articles that
      reflect the breadth and depth of the Integral Yoga tradition, yet
      always hit the central point— deepening your practice on and off the
      mat. It's discovering all that we share as a community.
      No matter what faith tradition we come from, we're all seekers—with a
      common heritage and a growing sense of community. In IYM, we'll get to
      understand other faith traditions better and share what we've learned
      on our journey.
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