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Re: [Meditation Society of America] How to Have 100% Good Karma

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  • sandeep
    Hiya Tom, ... From: tom flou To: Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 6:03 PM Subject: [Meditation Society
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      Hiya Tom,
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      From: "tom flou" <tom@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 6:03 PM
      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] How to Have 100% Good Karma

      > Thanks, Sandeep. Yes, but....
      The famous "but..........:-)

      > Now, I apperceive that this opening is the start of
      > a never ending journey leading nowhere. But..
      > If you
      would bare with me for just a few more rounds ;-)
      No problems.
      We have eternity to play in.
      What's couple of rounds?:-)

      > I suggest that the process of apperception needs some kind of neural activity ?
      > The neurons involved in / necessary
      for this could be called a nervous structure.
      > Presumably this structure
      would be located inside the Dura Mater.
      No, it's nothing to do with the biological/neural architecture of the manifest conditioned sentient object.
      Yes, there might be significant re-wiring in the architecture, subsequently.
      Which again is not a rule etched in stone.

      > But not of the mind? - ok.  But pray of what then?
      > The organ of enlightenment?
      > Known to
      > Or situated just underneath The Organ Of Kundabuffer
      > Does this matter?   Well, satisfying the mind for a
      It's perfectly natural, to wonder which organ or which tool is in usage, for the mind has seen all experiences involve some such instrument.
      And believes that the primal laughter (to use a term) is also an experience in time.
      But that which is priori to any experience, cannot be experienced, realized, understood, qualified, defined, objectified or awakened to.
      (Even this statement, being a subtle in-direct qualification, is be seen for what it points, rather than per se)
      That is why the mystery, the wonder of awakening, .............the awakening of that which was never alseep, and that put to rest which never was.
      It's like one of the dreamed-up character in your last night sleep dream, Tom.
      That dude speculated, wondered, about the shape of your nose, underwent severe spiritual investigation, practized zazen till it's ass was blue, ..........
      ......it even had these profound experiences of Samadhi,.....
      ........where your nose was so clear and distinct and it was royal purple in color, it had the quality of SatChitAnand around it, etc etc.
      That dreamed-up character of your last night dream can never touch your nose, no matter what it gets into.
      For only you can touch your nose and check if it is still around, ................AND......... which will entail you to wake up to the dream,.... in the morning.
      You waking in the morning is the end of the ado of the entire dream-drama, (along with all the dreamed-up loved ones and the unloved ones).
      Even the firm belief of that dreamed-up character of your last night dream,....
      ... in the very existence of the Dreamer of the dream (you), ........
      ..............which then drives it to attempt to realize, understand, obtain, seek,.............. you,............... is a conceptual conjecturing by it.
      Conceptual conjecturings, aka imagination,........ is very powerful.
      It creates what is conjectured.
      The "conjecturings" and the appearing so real "conjected",..................all ,..........ados within the dream-drama of last night.
      It is thus, the suggestion that nothing of the architecture of that dreamed-up manifest object, can ever be involved in your sipping from a hot cup of tea,......... awake in the morning.

      > Is One Taste the smell of
      I wonder whether the shape of your nose is Grecian or Mongolian?
      It HAS to be Grecian, for whoever heard of a Mongolian dreamer.
      NO, I have had an astral projection where I clearly saw it was Pinocchio-sque.
      Jihad on you, by the beard of Allah
      Yeah??, well I am sending Stealth Bombers carrying Patriot missiles, blessed by Virgin Mary , to shove them up yours' and up your bearded Allah.
      Yeah? after I have finished with you, your Virgin Mary is not going to remain much of a virgin.

      > Thanks. Tom
      You are welcome.
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