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    Second Attention Besides the attention of everyday there is another attention which allows us a break. For further information check out
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      Second Attention

      Besides the attention of everyday there is another attention which
      allows us a break. For further information check out
      I hope you will enjoy the following articles

      The Anatomy of the Human Soul

      It is very easy to indentify the human soul. It is a luminous cocoon,
      in most cases egg-shaped with a point of intense radiance, like a
      star, the size of a tennis ball. The former is called the luminous
      cocoon and the latter is called the assemblage, or focal, point. These
      two make up all of one's reality. The luminous cocoon is the
      microcosmos and is made of "samskaras" or reality inprints. The focal
      point is the star through which we perceive reality. Through trance
      meditation one can shift one's awareness into the focal point thus
      perceiving reality as it is, the projection resulting from the
      allignment of emanations of the luminous cocoon. The luminous cocoon
      is made of strings of intense luminosity but by the time we grow up
      the strings loose their luminosity or they brake into pieces or
      otherwise get intermingled with the strings of other beings thus
      loosing their initial power. However o ne can restore the luminosity
      of the "strings of destiny" by remembering, further by reliving in
      one's mind, one's whole life. That is called recapitulation, or
      recapping, and it is the one single and best way to regain one's
      birthright and to become aware of one's original identity. "Know thyself".

      In the case of an average man the focal point is fixed at the surface
      of the cocoon about one foot behind the shoulder blades. That is the
      current position of the assemblage point in modern man, according to
      the shaman Don Juan Matus. While we sleep, after a traumatic
      experience, when we feel love, or through the use of certain plants
      and substances one can move, rotate, or shift the focal point to
      different positions within the luminous cocoon and experience altered
      states of reality.

      The human being, if properly trained, has the ability to experience
      much more than SHe ussually would do. In the strings, or samskaras,
      are encoded whole realities and destinies and all one has to do is
      trace the focal point along these strings. We can choose our destiny
      by choosing to move our assemblage point harmoniously along certain
      positive inprints. Some strings of destiny hold enormous glory while
      others lead to misery. When one feels love, hatred, sadness or joy, or
      for that purpose any experience one has, is due to the position of the
      focal point.

      As such the human body is not aware of its luminosity and posseses no
      soul, although through initiation it can produce this energy which is
      pure awareness one with and equal, flowing, through everything. The
      human soul is born through an experience of light. The color of the
      light produces the quality of the soul. Thus the smoky light turns one
      into a hell-being while the clear white light alligns one with the
      nature of the one god. For further information on the significance of
      light and its inpact on one's karma and state of being I would like to
      recommend to you The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

      Mankind can and must become initiated into the mysteries of the human
      soul. Mystery is "the knowledge of death". The Toltec warriors
      believed that only through a death one can change, thus they buried
      themselves alive at certain spots of power in order to achieve a death
      like state and thus obtain knowledge of the mysteries hidden from
      everyday perception. They would lie for hours, even days, motionless
      while others would attend to them and absorb the spirit of the earth
      in order to be able to move their assemblage point harmoniously. The
      Toltec tradition is not the only one that holds the belief that an
      experience of death is neccessary in order to be able to appreciate
      life to the fullest. According to Tantric belief one is to meditate at
      graves or on corpses in order to loose one's fear from dying and
      integrate it into one's perspective on the world. There is life that
      is like the shadow of death and there is death that is like the light
      of life. We have the chance to be free.

      The great thing about the movement of the focal point is that it
      produces energy and that energy makes us perceive reality as light.
      Mankind will not be free until the moment we learn to move our focal
      point and reap the power resulting from its displacement. The process
      of moving the focal point is termed "dreaming" while fixing the
      assemblage point at a certain position is called stalking. Each
      person's luminous cocoon is different and thus each person's
      perspective upon reality is different. Through the practice of
      dreaming we can change our perspective upon the universe and through
      stalking we can learn to emphatise with others. Our reality is only
      one of many realities available to us and it is a pitty that we as a
      collective are not willing to dedicate enough time to the attunement
      to the other reality. Would it not be great to be like a fire, or an
      animal, or to be able to feel love when ever one chooses. The
      Knowledge of the assemblage point and the luminous cocoon can provide
      us with that knowledge. All we have to do is turn on, tune in and
      drop, loose and find ourselves..

      So, what is neccessary in order to move one's focal point? According
      to the science of Kundalini Yoga one is supposed to dedicate one tenth
      of one's day to god. God can and in fact does move our focal points if
      we dedicate our emotions to the Spirit of Man. Everybody is encouraged
      to make a donation into the spirit of man, be it by giving money to
      those in need, by showing one's appreciation of others, by expanding
      one's mind or by doing relaxation. The technique of relaxation can be
      found in Astral Dynamics, Cry of the Eagle or www.astralpulse.com.
      Daily practice is very important. Thus I recomend that one do
      relaxation, New Energy Ways and sitting meditation every day. When one
      has integrated this dharma into daily living one will become aware of
      the assemblage point and will be able to feel and see it moving while
      dreaming or in a trance state and all one has to do is to stimulate
      the chakras after such an event and one will become light. Fail not to
      follow these instruction and within 3-15 years you will become an
      enlightened warrior of the spirit and a blessing unto the whole world.

      Life, Libery, Love and Light. Abrahadabra.

      The Enlightenments of Brother Rigs Gyi Bu

      "Less is more, as none is All" and "the first is last"

      "This is the story all about how, my life got twist-turned upside down..."

      "I see a darkness, and the seven Atl'aman, and there was light"
      The first vision of enlightenment came to me one morning after
      tripping the whole night on LSD. I was 16 then. I came into my room
      and closed the door. I had a beutiful plant and as was laying in my
      bed unable to sleep I gazed at the plant. I could see the plant
      breathe and move slowly as if it wanted to say, "How are you man, I
      want to be your friend." After half an hour of gazing at the plant I
      had a vision of a tunnel and I broke free from it. Then I perceived
      myself merging with the plant and had a further vision of myself
      sitting cross-legged on asphalt, my head resting in my hands with the
      elbows at the knees. I was surrounded by clear white light. My
      perception moved a few times from being in bed to being in the light
      and then I finally fell asleep with the thought that "I will become
      enlightened" in my mind.

      The time passed slowly and I was becomming ever more proficient in
      skateboarding. Skateboarding was my "Path with Heart". In the
      meanwhile my twin brother became famous as fighter for Justice allways
      fighting the German Nazis and eventually he was elected the president
      of his school. He was the first foreigner in Bavaria to be elected the
      president of a school. For me there was only skateboarding and drugs,
      I did not drink alcohole. Weed, speed, LSD and/or bad MDMA was what I
      was taking every weekend. I was degrading in school and was unhappy
      about that. However I got a second chance to start with my life all
      over again.

      That happened when I moved to Toronto at the age of 17. It was when I
      was 18 that I ate magic mushrooms for the first time. First time
      around I took 1.5 gramm of the Flesh of God with a friend and we took
      a walk. Although I took only a little it nevertheless had an effect on
      me. We sat down and I decided to do psychedelic meditation( trying to
      hear the sound of the universe) with success.

      The second, third and fourth mushroom trip I experienced surges of
      kundalini comming from my crown chakra and base chakra, meeting at the
      heart chakra. It was as though the whole universe flowed through me.
      Then I fell in love. When I talked to the girl I reached my dreaming
      body, which melted, and could perceive myself being at two places at
      the same time. That had the effect on me that I forgot how to walk
      properly. Later I experienced about 30 different ways of walking
      during the time I did a lot of walking meditatation. Love is good for
      it produces chi.

      Then after three months of being soaked in love there came the
      glorious event. It was New Year's Eve 2001 and I was a little tired.
      We were seven friends tripping on magic mushrooms and pot. I sat down
      to meditate and then:

      - I moved my assemblage point from the heart chakra into the head
      (Path: High Priestess) and died instanteneously

      - I laid down on my beck and experienced the symptoms of death fire
      sinking into water three times(when you become as hot as a sun and as
      cold as outer space)

      - I could perceive a bubble bursting and there was smoke. Then I
      became darkness and my soul ascended seven planes each bringing more

      - Under that pressure the darkness became boundless void.

      - By now I totally lost track of reality. I was so relaxed when all of
      a sudden the void started emanating clear white light which became
      progressively denser until it became as dense as cement. In that light
      I beheld the four Archangels standing over me.

      I awoke to the music of Peter Tosh.

      This was the description of my first enlightenment.

      When I smoked pot I would turn into a cocoon made of sand and water
      and I could see the essence flowing through everything that is.

      After three months of such bliss I ejected my soul (BA) in an extatic
      outburst and one morning after awakening I was illuminated with a
      golden light and I could hear the angels sing. That was my second

      Then I admitted myself into a mental institution where I met Witches,
      Vampires and a Hell Being who utterly destroyed me. I traded my chi
      for my life and died once again but survived because of the vision of
      the clear white light. As until now I was the first, all of a sudden I
      became the last. I knew hell on earth and unbearable suffering.

      The suffering lasted for one and a half years until I gained the
      vision of God and he put my soul back into my body. I'd been
      experiencing psychic attacks (stabbing sensation in my heart) for two
      years until i discovered the book How to Meet and Work with Spirit
      Guides and invoked the archangels. The weirdest attack was the
      sensation of the head of my penis being sliced in two. The sensation
      was real but there luckily was no blood.

      I was psychotic and the medication made the psychosis only worse.
      However I was initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries by Brian the Brain
      about whom I'm going to talk about in "The Vispering of the Dragon".

      The average man does not have to care about evil and powerful people
      but if he meets them he would die.

      The processs of initiation is fourfold: first comes life accompanied
      by fear, then once one has domonstrated mastery over life comes
      liberty and with it everything seems clear. After that comes love
      producing enormous power for good or evil. This is the lesser
      initiation. In it one recognizes 3 of the four Natural Enemies
      (Toltec) and the rewards when overcome. Anybody who is not subject to
      the three hindrances(The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean)-
      these being lack of will to obtain knowledge, attachment to evil,
      detachment from God- can enjoy this initiation. By overcoming power we
      can gain in our light, it being a sign that a higher force is reading
      one's mind, but we have to overcome one more additional natural enemy-
      Old Age. In order to experience an illumination one has to do
      exercizes which ask for a lot of patience.

      This is "The Path to the Wisdom" being the battle with the four
      natural enemies- fear, clarity, power and old age. One can not escape
      them but is given the right to make a stand, love his enemies, and be
      free by claiming "The Totality of Oneself". Let us look closer at
      these four natural enemies and how they affected the writer's life.

      The first natural enemy is fear. The writer of this script has known
      fear. When he moved to another country to a big city he took a break
      from Marijuana and after two months smoked a spliff and it made him
      paranoid but also compassionate. What was he afraid of; was it the
      wind or the gangster rapper with whom he smokmed it. However he knew
      that if he was afraid, he was alive.

      Then he saw the "princes" and they became partners. He kissed her and
      she kissed him and everything seemed clear. His favorite cite was, "
      If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to
      man as it is, infinite" by William Blake taken from the essay The
      Doors of Perception. Although he was fond of his girl-friend he could
      not lie to her that he loved her and she rejected him but Clarity stayed.

      Then once fear was overcome and clarity in its full bloom he fell in
      love with a girl. It was love on the first sight and it was mutual.
      However he made a mistake and she rejected him. He did not have the
      power to love so much and still function properly in this world.
      However he had made a firm decision to become enlightened once he
      experienced the grace of herb and power, the third natural enemy,
      showed it friendly face. What were the options: he could win the heart
      of his beloved or he could die. He loved a lot and experienced both
      the lesser and the higher initiation through love. One evening he
      patook in the sacrament of the Flesh Of God and died, became
      enlightened and was reborn a Child Of Light. The next two months were
      spent in grace and then one morning he became illuminated with a
      golden light and his soul left him to do its work as a shaman. He now
      could perceive the luminous cocoon everytime he partook in a joint.
      Every time he smoked the herb he could feel as if he were in an egg
      that was like sand and through it flowed water. These were the
      Christian Sands- rediscovered by Tricky. That state was extremely
      blissfull but exhausting, the Trance of Weakness. This is the fourth
      natural enemy, old age. Now although he was only 19 he could say that
      he was an old man. Old Age dominated him for two more years when he
      found out about how to invoke the Archangels through the book How to
      Meet and Work with Spirit Guides.

      Now he truly is alive, free, loving and enlightened having emerged
      from the battle with the four natural enemies All-Victorious, a Budha

      Let Ja be praised

      The Vispering of the Dragon

      The circumstances surrounding my third admission were dark to say the
      least. Although I saw a deva, met Mr. Mo and regained my soul thus
      diminishing my sufferring threefold that glory belonged to the past. I
      still was infested with negative energy All I wanted is to be left
      alone. I was sick of the world. I felt almost whole but the divine
      energy of water which I received on two occassions, once from Michael
      and once from Crystal, had left me and turned to Tao. It was while
      doing relaxation that I felt my aura expanding with the given energy.
      What seemed only possible with Mr. Mo was for some time reality. It
      was at a party of one of the friends of my brother that the divine
      energy was set free from my body and I was complemented on how I had

      Afterwards I didn't feel so good, in fact I felt like I was dying. So
      I locked myself in a room with a knife and shouted, " I'm gonna stab
      anybody who enters the room." So my father suggested that I get
      admitted into the mental institution again since I seemed so
      disturbed. He said to me, "Come on, you're going to see your friends".
      So he drove me to the hospital and in the admission room I saw three
      ugly women and a voice told me, " You've come to the devil." I grabbed
      the first occassion to run away but the nurse ran after me and caught
      up with me half a kilometer away when I could no longer run. If you
      want to be free, don't smoke cigarettes.

      So I got admitted to the hospital a third time. I had heard a voice
      clearly say that if I took my medication I would turn out evil and now
      that I had come to the devil. This made me decide to spit out my
      medication. I wanted to find out what would happen. Suffice it to say
      that first I cried for a few days contamplating my own faith and the
      faith of others. Luckily in the neighboring room there was Brian, The
      Brain. Brian was a man in his mid 30s with short black hair, a
      charismatic face and by far the worst teeth I have ever seen.

      There were two Brians there, one whom I met the first time i went into
      the hospital and the Brian who was a shaman. At first I noticed
      nothing extraordinary about him, except that he seemed to have a
      disliking for me and the others. He also had hardly any cigarettes and
      would come into the smoking lounge and ask, " Do you have a
      cigarette?" and when he asked me he would add, "per chance". So I gave
      him cigarettes expecting nothing in return. But then he said, "I'm
      Taurus, the Brain".

      One night, however, I got my reward. I was laying on the back and just
      about to fall asleep when all of a sudden I felt how my base chakra
      exploded into thousand pieces and I felt as if I were being ripped
      apart, so I shrieked an, "Aaahhh!" and then the exctasy stopped. I was
      being ripped apart like Dionisius. That was the wake up call and I
      celebrated it with a round of megical passes. The next three days I
      did not sleep but nevertheless I felt fit.

      The next evening while I was in bed I heard a voice ask me clearly,
      "Are we ready?" Ready for what. Then I assumed the face of Brian and
      then I could perceive clairvoyantly what was going on in the other
      room. Brian was sitting crosslegged on the bed when all of a sudden he
      veiled himself in darkness and from that darkness came void which
      penetrated every fiber of my body.

      Next morning at breakfast while all the patients were lined up to
      receive their breakfast I asked Brian if he was a human or a star. In
      his deep voice he answered, "A Star." When he said that I was overcome
      with a mood of great joy and giggled in a silly manner. It seemed that
      my joy was accumulated in the heart chakra and I projected that
      feeling right into him. He answered, "No reason to be silly." Mr Mo
      was right, I was the luckiest person in the world. Brian demonstrated
      his shapeshifting skills on further occassions, assumming the form of
      a rooster and on three other occassions he floated above the bed and
      turned into a dragon. I had asked him to "Lore" me, meaning to imbdue
      me with the spirit of the Dragon Lore, and he answered, "Not to worry
      about, I am Lore". All I asked of him was to move my assemblage point
      to the position of silent knowledge and to give the warrior's mood.
      For the ne xt half a year I was a warrior.

      The days at the Hospital were spent in a mood of cameradery and I
      thought that pretty much every person who was there was either a
      warrior or some magus. There was Sandra, the witch who had equally bad
      teeth as Brian and who claimed to be hundreds of years old and badly
      demaged. There was Jamie who was maybe 25 and I liked him immensely.
      Then there were Daevon who told me I were a Ra Hoor Khuit and a hindu
      guy and a long-haired, bearded young man who seemed to be a magician.
      There also were three beutiful women in their thirties and I felt love
      for each one of them. It seemed to me that I had come to glory. Those
      days I did a lot of piano playing and relaxation.

      One day I was walking past Brian, while he was on the phone and I
      heard him say, "Yeah, it is the warrior of Thebes". Then he hung up
      went into the smoking room and announced to me that Ramses was comming.

      I reacted with panic. I went outside and spontaneously decided to
      visit my friend Bobo. I took an 8-kilometer walk. On my way to him I
      met an old man, who despite his advanced years seemed fit, and had a
      nice conversation with him. I heard the voice of Brian say, "You are
      with us". After I had walked 6 km I heard a voice tell me, "Tell her
      that you are a dragon, a real one." Then I met Andrea, my friend, on
      an intersection and she was joyous. I could feel her joy and the
      energy which it produced. She reacted the same way to me as I had
      reacted to Brian. This little adventure cost me my privileges and I
      could not leave the hospital except with family.

      Ramses was a ugly woman but she gave me a magical ption.

      Then I was transfered to another ward. There I met Mathew who gave me
      his chi and thus healed me. There was also Tasha with whom I found
      onement in bliss. I had a dream in which I perceived rainbow colored
      light for three hours. Then I drank more of Ramses' potion and when
      after three three months I smoked weed again I turned into a tiger for
      a moment. Then on the third day of the annual Om Festival(I did not
      attend) I became one with the clear white light. I was back.
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