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Re: The mind body connection

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  • medit8ionsociety
    ... Dear Tao1776, I d like to merge both of your questions (the other being found in post # 12889) into one statement... Your mental gyrations are temporary
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 28, 2004
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "tao1776"
      <tao1776@y...> wrote:
      > Perhaps someone can share some insight and provide some further
      > direction. Through levels of observation I have come to see how
      > thoughts will arise and my body will respond. Example; excess stress
      > based on aversion of difficult situations will often cause my heart
      > to flutter and skip beats for a few days off and on. I have become
      > aware to the point that I observe the thought arise, and wham..missed
      > beat! I also have this experience when I am fearful in a certain
      > situations. I can feel the small nerves in my back tighten into
      > spasm. Having been a long time sufferer of back pain due to a severe
      > injury (which led me meditation) I am now not so convinced that all
      > of my back pain is from the injury. In other words, what percentage
      > is mind and what percentage is injury related and can you seperate
      > the two? Are there particular meditation techniques that will help
      > me? I have used some Taoist (micro cosmic & inner smile) and
      > mindfulness and vipassana...which have led me to here. But now what?
      > Should I even concern myself with seperating this mind body
      > connection, even though it is a handicap?
      > Thanks,
      > tao1776

      Dear Tao1776,
      I'd like to merge both of your questions (the other being found in
      post # 12889) into one statement...

      Your mental gyrations are temporary and ever changing, as are your
      emotional states, and your cellular structure and sensory receptions
      and reactions. What is constant is the potential to be the Witness to
      their fluctuations. This Witness/consciousness/awareness/whatever you
      want to lable it, has been, will be, and is now everpresent and
      unchanging. Meditation can be somewhat defined as the state where you
      are awake to this Reality. Two of the characteristics that can be
      present when this is your (meditative) experience are attention and
      intention. So, it is often taught that concerning yourself with your
      mind, body, or emotions can easily, and will usually, distract you
      from paying attention to that which is unchanging. And that is
      classically what the intention of meditation is "supposed to be". And
      thus, thoughts about the mind, body, or anything, are what can hold
      you back from meditation. So the recommendation is to be good, do
      good, think about meditative concepts, and other similar 'good"
      things, but meditation itself is an emptying of mind chatter. And that
      allows the fullness of the eternal infinite present to be uncovered.
      Peace and blessings,
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