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Re: last night's survivor

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  • medit8ionsociety
    ... Hi Nina, Our in-house yoga teacher (Bette) also saw the show and agrees fully with your observations. This seems to me to be a demonstration of one of
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 23, 2004
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Nina"
      <murrkis@y...> wrote:
      > Hello, everyone,
      > Last night during the television show, Survivor, the
      > 'competitors' were given an immunity challenge:
      > Each competitor stood on a block large enough for both
      > feet and then had their raised arm handcuffed to a chain
      > connected to a half-barrel of water, which balanced
      > over their head. If a competitor let his or her arm fall,
      > even a little, the barrel would tip, the water would
      > fall on them, and they would lose their chance at the
      > night's 'immunity'.
      > It was fascinating to observe the way each competitor's
      > use of body and mind contributed to their personal
      > outcome. There were those who seemed to 'hang' their
      > arm up, right from the beginning, with their bodies
      > trembling beneath the handcuff. There were those who
      > took part in the jesting or jabs, or paid too much
      > attention to these distractions, or the distraction of
      > their pain or other physical sensations. It was so easy to pick
      > the winner - the only one whose body remained energetically
      > uplifted from the feet through her raised fist. In fact,
      > one could almost tell who would win entirely on the
      > disposition of the handcuffed limb. Those who let their
      > fingers droop, or elbows bend, or shoulders shift off of
      > their frame were done before they started. The winner
      > stood firmly on both feet, weight in both legs, lower
      > hand on hip, chest raised and underneath her shoulder,
      > which was underneath her straight arm, which was underneath
      > her energized fist. She didn't move in her body, and she
      > was unflinching in her focus on steadiness.
      > I thought to myself, despite the context of the television
      > show, and anything else surrounding this 'set up', this
      > woman's display of firmness of mind and body had a lesson
      > in it... and I thought I'd share that with you... make of
      > it what you will. :)
      > Nina

      Hi Nina,
      Our in-house yoga teacher (Bette) also saw the show and agrees fully
      with your observations. This seems to me to be a demonstration of one
      of Gurdjieff's principles/teachings IE: let your body do the work of
      the body, let the emotions do the emotional work, and your intellect
      the intellectual work. And if you have the wrong "center" doing the
      work that another center should be doing, work will not be done
      appropriately or expediently, energy will be squandered, and other
      similar negative results will ensue. This is just my summation and
      could be far off, but this immunity challenge seems to be right in
      line with proof of why "working on oneself" is worth doing, even if it
      doesn't necessarily lead to Realization, Enlightenment, Understanding,
      etc. You become well balanced. And for some, get a step closer to
      winning a million dollars:-)
      Peace and blessings,
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