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Re: An Email Tidal Wave

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    ... Namaste Dear One - ... the past emails from my ISP and am now back in the email ... the Realized Relate to Suffering Humanity and the many other
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 30, 2002
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      > Dear Ganga,
      Namaste Dear One -

      > Thanks to a great tip from a list member, I was able to purge all
      the past emails from my ISP and am now back in the email
      > receiving-ability mode. I'm sure our web master will be posting the
      > URL of The Inner Traveler very soon, probably by the weekend, and
      > then many inner travelers all over the world will be able to enjoy
      > and benefit from your outstanding and enlightening article, "How
      the Realized Relate to Suffering Humanity" and the many other
      illuminating articles and art. Just knowing that we can look forward
      to sharing another of your articles in the next issue reenergizes my
      enthusiasm to continue to strive to make The Inner Traveler a worthy
      vehicle for the transmission of this precious wisdom. Thanks for

      G: Glad to hear that you are in the receiving mode again...
      hahahahaha ... i am awaiting the URL so that i can read Jeff's
      article... of course along with all the other contributions...

      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob
      > PS to our list members: Do yourself a spiritual favor and check
      > Ganga's Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/guru_sharing

      G: a quick note the Groups name is :


      You were Close... it IS a place where Gurus share but the name is
      Guru Satsang... hahahahahah... yes by all means anyone is more than
      welcomed to join.... any lurking Gurus as well may join... We
      enjoy all the variations of styles and additional teaching and

      > PS to Ganga: I haven't received your Kundalini book yet, but will
      > dive right into it as soon as it arrives.

      G: Hope it gets there soon... am interested to get your feedback of
      course ... hope that you find something that moves you ...

      Love Shanti Om ...g..
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