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Re: Mullah Nasrudin and the Scholars

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  • Andy
    ... medit8ionsociety Yo Andy, Good to hear/read from you. From Sandeep s post and from your words, I m going to assume that you are now taking the masters
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 7, 2004
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      Yo Andy,

      Good to hear/read from you. From Sandeep's post and from your words,
      I'm going to assume that you are now taking the masters level "Facts
      of Life 101" course, as well as sharing your right on the spiritual
      money wisdom with your students.

      *****No, I'm not teaching this semester. Dealing with a particularly
      stubbon bout of recurrent cancer, one that requires a more aggressive
      treatment (stem-cell transplant, a 4 week hospital stay, and more fun
      than you can shake a stick at! Hahaha!!!). But yes, when I do return
      to work later this fall (hopefully with some hair intact!), I do plan
      on starting up the spiritual inquiry/meditation group that we talked
      about last fall.

      One thing I see that has come to my mind from this is the rabbit in
      Alice in Wonderland (I think he was the one), who would say, while
      scurrying around to keep such important appointments as the tea party
      with the mad hatter, "So much to do, and so little time". Way too
      busy to realize that it's actually "So much time, and nothing to do".

      *****Yes, there is nothing to do, and yet things apparently get
      done. In the matter of time, three words: it is not. ;-)

      And like Nasrudin in this tale, trying to awaken "scholars" to the
      opportunity to live their life while they have it to live, I also
      think of Gurdjieff, who at the end of his 1200+ page masterwork, All
      and Everything, sums it all up by commenting, that the most
      astonishing thing about humans is that they have no conception of, or
      appreciation for the fact that they are mortal.

      *****Until such appreciation manifests itself in their lives. Either
      at the moment of the body's cessation or, perhaps, earlier, in a
      cancer ward. Either way, it's a grand trip! :-)))))

      And yes, as you point to, "on the edge" events can certainly be eye
      openers, and potentially end the "They have eyes but don't see"
      syndrome. But, my oh my, they can be quite a trip! So as we go
      through the inevitable rocks and rolls on our journey, it becomes a
      real joy to bump into uplifting words, concepts, and things, and I
      certainly consider what you share as such, so I hope your visit here
      will not be just a brief one. And of course, I hope you are well and
      feeling swell.

      *****Remember from the original Star Trek, the Vulcan IDIC? Infinite
      Divisity in Infinite Combination. So are all the uplifting words,
      concepts, and things. What moves Andy, bores Bob, upsets Joan, and
      enrages Father Marshall.

      Thought tells us that to be "safe," we each much think and believe
      alike. I don't know if it is possible, but in the course of human
      history, it hasn't happened ever. It takes something more to
      transcend this drive for safety, some sense of security in what is
      perceived not through thought but beyond thought. And sometimes
      meditation is a useful tool to provoke such seeing. But it is not
      essential. Nothing is. As the late, great runner-philosopher-
      cardiologist George Sheehan repeatedly wrote, "We must all be an
      experiment of one."

      Peace and blessings,

      *****Thank you. Hugs!
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