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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Mullah Nasrudin and the Scholars

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  • sandeep
    Hi Andy, ... Give em hell in that hospital. And fool around with the nurses. ... From: Andy To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2004
      Hi Andy,
      Give 'em hell in that hospital.
      And fool around with the nurses.
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      From: "Andy" <endofthedream@...>
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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Mullah Nasrudin and the Scholars

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      > *****Yes, life is a fatal "disease."
      > Sometimes I ask my students "What is a sexually-transmitted
      condition, with a 100% fatality rate?"  Prior to the last few years,
      > most responded with an  answer of "AIDS," but since the cocktails
      > seem to be indefinitely prolonging AIDS victims' lives (for those
      > that have the money or insurance to afford them; the biggest
      > in Africa, clearly don't).  That answer doesn't
      work  too  well any
      > longer.
      > Once the Mulla was invited to dinner by a group of scholars. When
      > arrived, he found the other guests in a heated debate
      > destiny vs. free will.
      > As time went by and
      the argument seemed endless, the Mulla was getting
      > hungrier by the
      minute; The aroma from the kitchen became unbearable.
      > Nasrudin
      stood up and said "If I prove beyond a shadow of doubt that
      > man is
      predestined, can we then begin our dinner?"
      > *****What
      about woman?  Does she escape  predestination? :-))))
      At this, the rest fell silent.
      > The Mulla then said "I can say,
      with absolute certainty, that every
      > man present here today is
      predestined to die."
      > Dinner was promptly served.
      > *****Ahhh but was it enjoyed post the message? :-))) 
      > Take it from one who is currently "on the edge," all this babbling
      > about meditation, spirituality, awakening, etc. is all cerebral (and
      > will get you just so far) until one comes face-to-face (in a foxhole,
      > a burning building, a cancer ward) with the thought and direct
      experience of mortality.  *That's* where the rubber meets the road!
      > ~andy (back for a brief visit)
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