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  • medit8ionsociety
    Subject: Re: Meditation Tip From Down Under From: donna
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2004
      Subject: Re: Meditation Tip From Down Under
      From: donna <ubig0@...

      ~*~ This one sounds like it could be fun for a great many people,
      although I decided not to choose it personally, based on the
      decision that I don't see me enjoying that kind of problem.
      But if you enjoy it, and are getting something from this sort of
      life problem, then by all means
      explore....explore...explore....experience....experience...til there
      ain't no more. (to be said with a hip-hop rapper beat, because so
      many of us enjoy that venue of music.)
      Yes, God / You / Me / We / Everybodeeeeeeee has a GREAT sense
      of humor. ba da bum

      This meditation technique is a very serious business....unless of
      course, it is not. Only you can choose that and decide that.

      This is said with the greatest amount of respect, as those who
      suffer these problems are indeed suffering greatly. And the pain
      fills the earth world-wide. The pain is evident. The earth cries
      with your pain.

      No matter what technique you use, it is evident that a greater
      sense of perspective and humor is certainly required, and that in
      itself could instantly set the world to giggle, and create
      spontaneous joy and clarity, but then, what about the
      game....what about this suffering that everyone has taken to be
      there God and Guru.

      Be conscious. Be conscious of what your choosing. Be conscious of
      what it is creating. Be conscious and alert and aware. Be
      conscious of what you want. Be conscious of what you don't want.
      Be conscious of what the thing you want is creating....and of what
      the thing you don't want is creating/manifesting. Be conscious of
      what your putting out there. Be conscious of your "role" in it. Is
      this what you want to experience in your experience???

      Oh my dears, all the kryas in the world and all the meditations in
      the universe first started out with this little bit of "wisdom".
      And then comes all the massive over complications until the minds
      are just swimming with over saturation.
      (And then comes the backpeddaling to clean up things afterwards.)

      Now, having said that, find the eternal laugh in it all.
      Behind the pain and suffering remember, there is the laughter, and
      behind the laughter --> there is nothing at all. So, you can
      experience and choose the suffering/pain, the laughter, or nothing
      at all. Choices. Your choices create. Be aware of your
      Choices. Yet know, that these are choices. Can you see what your
      Do you get it?? or would your rather just carry on and play your
      game weather your actually having fun or not.
      Now dears, I'll leave your forum. I only stopped in to visit for
      awhile, because I had to learn how to use this computer, so now I'm
      determined to have some fun with it.

      ~*~ ~*~ no disrespect or harm intended here from my end.
      Come in Peace, Leave in Peace...... or not.... as so many have
      chosen 'not'.

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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:

      >> Claire, one of the Meditation Society of America's members from
      >> Australia, has a technique that she shared with us recently that


      >> from her personal experience with ADD. She was taught long ago,


      >> when she couldn't focus on a subject in school, to visualize


      >> using a lasso to throw at the object of her concentration and see


      >> being hauled in, much as a cowboy/girl would do to a steer (she


      >> saw this happen daily as a child, as she grew up on cattle ranch).
      >> She has found that Concentration has become much more under her
      >> command by using this same methodology when sitting in Meditation.


      >> reports that previously when trying to meditate, she would become
      >> distracted, and lose focus on the object of her meditation within


      >> or two minutes. Now that she has implimented her childhood ADD
      >> technique, she hauls in her mind very quickly, and can easily


      >> on her meditation, and now can stay with it for a very long time.


      >> maybe you don't learn everything you ever needed to know in
      >> kindergarten, and some things from elementary school also will be


      >> help:-) In any event, perhaps this method will be of benefit to


      >> and if so, great!
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