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Question about 3rd eye light

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Here are 2 emails we received last night and today. As you will see, the 2nd email carries the question from the first one further. Although I haven t yet
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2004
      Here are 2 emails we received last night and today. As you will see,
      the 2nd email carries the question from the first one further.
      Although I haven't yet responded to the 2nd email, my answer is here
      for the 1st one. All other comments are most welcome for both of the

      > Hi
      > I have read the 3rd eye meditation where you close your eyes and
      place your attention on the area between your eyebrows.
      > It says after a short time a point of light will present itself in
      the center of your inner field of vision.
      > I have done this, and sure enough a point of light does appear. I
      need to ask you what this light actually is as I'm really curious -
      hope you don't mind me asking!
      > warm regards
      > Pam

      Dear Pam,
      First of all, I must state that from the perspective of "the mystic
      me", I'm very "pro-3rd eye meditation", and it is one of my favorite
      techniques. I consider our 3rd eye the doorway to reality, and the
      practice of opening it a potential vehicle for presenting a vision of
      our true nature....infinite consciousness, wisdom, and bliss...far
      transcendent of anything our physical eyes can ever do. The light you
      perceive is the illuminating wisdom and love of the creator, the act
      of creation, and the creation itself.
      But, the "skeptic me" recognizes that it could be simply an optic
      nerve physical phenomenon, and one that has the potential to stall a
      seeker for years in an ecstasy-seeking rut. So, I feel it is fair to
      say that the value of any given technique will be determined only by
      actually trying it and seeing if it benefits you spiritually,
      physically, mentally emotionally, etc. There is one more thing I would
      like to point to as well --- if a method/technique/concept brings you
      greater peace, it may be a good thing, but if it takes your peace
      away, it is not necessarily a "bad" thing, because maybe sometimes
      (often) it may help our consciousness evolution if our life isn't
      peaceful. In any event, that's "my 2 cents worth", and I hope it helps
      in some way.
      Peace and blessings,
      Bob Rose, President,
      Meditation Society of America
      PS: I think your question, and perhaps my answer also, would be a
      perfect thing to post on our Yahoo group
      As we say here in Philly, Whattayathink?

      Dear Bob

      Thank you for answering my email regarding the light that appears when
      doing the 3rd eye meditation.

      Yes I would love for you to post the email on your yahoo group - great

      Could I ask you another question, as meditation and spiritualism etc
      is all very new to me. I am absolutely fascinated by it all and have
      been reading loads of books on psychics, the spirit world and self
      help etc, as well as watching programmes on Sky TV such as Colin Fry
      and James Van Praagh etc for about the last 2 years now.

      What I wanted to ask you is, why does the light actually appear - is
      it being "projected" from the 3rd eye so to speak, and if so why is this?

      Also how can I make it stay as sometimes it comes and goes?

      warm regards
      Pam (UK)
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