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Swami Chidananda on Raja (Meditation) Yoga

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    THE RAJA YOGA TECHNIQUE OF SELECTIVE THINKING Patanjali, the expounder of the most complete science of mind-control, has said that if you want to get rid of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2004

      Patanjali, the expounder of the most complete science of mind-control,
      has said that if you want to get rid of any particular thought, then
      you should instantly raise a counter-thought of the opposite nature.
      If, for instance, you have a certain negative thought of fear, then
      introduce a positive thought of courage. If you have a negative
      thought of hatred and hostility, create immediately in your mind a
      positive thought of love, friendship and brotherhood. Fill yourself
      with the feeling of cordiality. If you are overcome by a thought of
      prejudice and intolerance, raise thoughts and feelings of sympathy,
      understanding and oneness. This can be done at any specific instant,
      with reference to any specific negative thought. This practice can
      also be undertaken as a complete course of psychological
      self-transformation with the technique systematically practiced day by
      day. It is an invaluable inner discipline for your ethical unfoldment
      and progress. It can help you even in your spiritual awakening.

      If you easily subject to anger thoughts, then deliberately fill the
      mind with thoughts of patience, love and kindness. Also, set apart
      some time daily and, in silence, reflect upon the glory of kindness
      and compassion and forgiveness. Meditate upon it. Think carefully of
      the disadvantage and undesirability of anger. Reflect positively upon
      the great advantages and desirability - physical, mental, social and
      ethical - of a sweet and even temper. Meditate upon the sublime
      personality and life of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Saint Francis or
      Abraham Lincoln. After persistent practice, anger thoughts begin to
      drop away entirely. They are unable to remain in the mind, because the
      mental stuff has been altered

      If you do not fill the mind consciously with deliberately chosen
      thoughts, then it will always fill itself with its own wayward
      thoughts, and that will be allowing the mind to grow wild, as it were,
      into its own self-willed nature. Selective thinking is the key to the
      problem of mind control. Discriminative thinking is the essence of
      mind control.

      When you take up the task of disciplining and training the mind, you
      become selective in your thoughts. Then you feed the mind with good
      and pure thoughts, right and proper thoughts, positive and pleasant
      thoughts of your own choice. Keep certain thought-pictures frequently
      before the mind's inner vision. You will be inspired. These
      thought-pictures will elevate you. They will build up a new
      personality within you. These thought-pictures can be written down and
      placed before you on the outside as well - on the wall, on your table,
      in the home, at the office, in your pocket, inside your wallet.
      Through outer sense as well as inner mental vision, through the eye as
      well as through thought, mind is remade and cast upon a new mould. It
      is truly a process of mental recreation. It is a psychological
      re-birth. This could well be, and actually is, the precursor and
      fore-runner to 'becoming reborn in Spirit', patiently explained by
      Jesus to the earnest and enquiring Nicodemus.

      Practice this selective and discriminative thought-technique in a
      systematic way. You will soon be able to renew the nature of your mind
      totally. You will begin to see that you are not the mind. You will
      realize that you are the inner artist who is to mold the mind-stuff
      into a beautiful form of your choice. You have to work upon it even as
      a sculptor works upon his material - a great master chiseling away at
      the marble to bring out of it a wondrous beauty. Remember, so long as
      you think yourself to be one with the mind, the true power of thought
      is denied to you. Therefore, assert your independence. This is the key
      to mind-control.
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