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Re: Everything Everywhere At The Same Time and Place

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  • texasbg2000
    ... to ... Being ... interact ... physical. ... Good point. Constant tinkering and tuning up with indulgences and distractions is a way of life today. I even
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 15, 2004
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      > >
      > > Hi Bob:
      > >
      > > This was a neat article. Talking about making the big computer
      > light
      > > years ahead of what we know now makes me wonder about whether it
      > > would have consciousness or not.
      > >
      > > In my world view I think of the mind as a computer. One that is
      > > blown around by hormonal cocktails, habitual grooves, and
      > > stimulations of all sorts. It will act in predictable ways if
      > left
      > > alone. But add the self scrutiny thingee, conscience (the
      > witness,
      > > etc.), and no predictability is possible. The habits and hormones
      > are
      > > not the only factor in decision making.
      > >
      > > I guess someone could believe that self scrutiny is not
      > > Consciousness, that the mind itself is checking on itself. But
      > > me, that says that the mind would be in two places at once.
      > > something it is checking on. When I see myself, the mind
      > continues
      > > to function but not in the same way. It is not like the runaway
      > > train it usually is, ideas morphing into other ideas, ad
      > infinitum.
      > > It presents one idea at a time. And I remain constant while the
      > > ideas change.
      > >
      > > So that being my world view, my question is whether conciousness
      > > would appear in this supercomputer automatically at a certain
      > point
      > > in sophistication. That is, is there a universal Consciousness
      > that
      > > only needs the mechanism of a mind (or super-computer) to
      > in
      > > the gross physical level of matter?
      > >
      > > If the answer is no, that seems to say that there is something in
      > the
      > > mind's make-up, 'life' perhaps, that allows Consciousness a
      > channel
      > > to participate. Something that is denied to the materials that
      > make
      > > up the computer.
      > >
      > > I tend to think that all matter is alive and there may be other
      > ways
      > > to build a mechanism for consciousness to peek into the
      > So
      > > I envision a computer that when turned on says "Hi, I am!!!"
      > >
      > > Then proceeds to whine and complain.
      > >
      > > Love
      > > Bobby G.
      > Ha, yes, proceeds to whine and complain! That's funny, Bobby.
      > The whiner probably never complains about the complaining,
      > though. It probably complains about those hormones and
      > chemicals that are setting off alarms that the whiner has
      > to go check on and figure out how to turn off. Does the
      > complainer ever figure out that most of the alarms are being
      > triggered by the whining of the complainer who then has to
      > fuss over them and try to figure out how to turn them off?
      > That's where the constant observer, whatever that may be,
      > and who even knows what it is, has a distinct advantage.
      > The mind's way of fixing is to tinker and tinker and tinker
      > until just the right idea for the optimal feeling tone is
      > constructed. That's hard work. The constant gets
      > to let go and allow the mind to just uncrinkle and smooth out,
      > and that's a whole lot easier.

      Good point. Constant tinkering and tuning up with indulgences and
      distractions is a way of life today. I even think it is "ok'd" by
      the professionals.
      I agree if you let the mind relax and look at it, the trouble fades
      pretty quickly. A good lesson.

      I think it is called meditation. If you don't fall asleep.

      Bobby G.
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