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    Having personally enjoyed the company of followers of G s Work who I think have attained the highest levels of consciousness evolution, and having felt that I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2004
      Having personally enjoyed the company of followers of G's Work who I
      think have attained the highest levels of consciousness evolution, and
      having felt that I have received some benefit in my own understanding
      from the 4th way concepts and methods, I intend to share some of
      these ideas from time to time. I also invite any who have knowledge of
      this source of wisdom to do so as well.
      Peace and blessings,

      From the StillPoint group:

      Two Ways of Meeting Events

      This Work teaches that if we do not identify, we save energy.

      It also teaches that all mankind - i.e. the sleeping world of
      humanity - identifies with every event and loses energy to that

      So we lose energy by identifying with each event.

      The point of this Work is to save energy and not to be eaten
      by identifying. Unless we save energy we cannot awaken,
      because life and its turning events take our energy at every

      As you have heard many times, some of you, this means that
      you are a machine driven by life and its external events. You
      identify with this, you identify with that, you identify with
      everything said to you, you identify with the weather, you
      identify with the newspapers.

      As long as you are like this you are not doing anything,
      but everything is being done to you and you are simply
      being used by life.

      None of the things that happen on the Earth, due to tyrants,
      etc., is comparable with the way in which we are used by
      life whose object is to keep us fast asleep.

      So it is said we are all in prison. But we do not see this.

      We feel it is someone's fault. Here we err deeply.

      You remember the parable which compares us with sheep
      used by farmers?

      All they want is our wool and meat. In order to get this
      result they teach us hymns and warn us not to stray away
      because dreadful wolves will eat us. And this is quite true,
      because unless we have reached the level of Good Householder
      and, still further, unless we have Magnetic Centre, if we try
      to rebel against life we shall suffer more than before. We
      become martyrs suffering from martyrdom.

      That is why the Work starts with people who are at the level
      of Good Householder to begin with.

      We have to rebel against ourselves, not life.

      Of course, lots of people who come into this Work imagine
      that they will be transformed into new beings in a few weeks

      They are taught not to identify but of course they do not
      understand what it means, because they continue to take
      every event of life as a fact, as something very serious,
      and not as an event.

      And certainly it takes a very long time before a man or a
      woman begins to see what this Work is about.

      You may be told many times that you are under 48 orders
      of laws. But you do not see what it means.

      Now there is one thing that I want to talk about to-night,
      in connection with the power of events over you at every

      There are two ways of dealing with events, once you become
      conscious of their mechanical action on you.

      One is to try to separate from their power by not identifying -
      for you are under the power of what you identify with.

      The other way is to will them.

      In the early days when I was in this Work one of my tasks
      was to overcome fear. I was told to observe fear in myself -
      and fear is a very good thing to observe in yourself.

      I noticed that I was afraid of the new double-decked buses
      which used to swing round corners at full speed. I had driven
      cars for a long time and so probably was more sensitive for
      that reason.

      On one wet day I got on to the top of one of these early
      buses and as it swung round a corner at full speed I willed
      it to fall over and the extraordinary thing was that my fear
      left me. It had vanished.

      >From that I learnt that a great amount of fear comes from
      hoping something won't happen.

      Now try to will what you have to do.

      Often Mr. O. gave examples of this kind which some of you
      have heard. The general idea was that if some event is
      inevitable you can do two things, either try to separate
      by non-identifying, or will it, and go with it.

      When I was at the Institute in France I used to be told at
      about six o'clock in the morning when I was on a certain job
      that I had to go to a different job.

      I used to think how unfair this was. I did not understand
      that the concentrated work on being that the Institute was
      carrying out was pardy about this becoming negative when
      you cannot do what you wish to do.

      Of course, this is very difficult work on oneself because
      it seems unreasonable, as in the case of the novice who was
      told to plant cabbages and tended them with the greatest
      care and went out one morning and found that they had all
      been ploughed up on purpose because he was so identified.

      Apart from this it is a good thing to will what you find
      yourself having to do because it frees you inside.

      "Whatsoever thine hand findeth to do, do it with thy might"
      (Ecclesiastes ix. 10).

      I would add a commentary on this and would say:

      "Whatsoever you find you have to do, do it with all your might."

      And that means will it, as far as we have will.

      Once I said there was a good way to observe yourself from
      another angle - i.e. observe what you object to during the day
      and try to will what you are objecting to and not merely
      accept it.

      One has to say to oneself something like this: "Come, let's go
      to it." And I assure you it is a very good way of getting through
      quite a lot of things that you have to do during the daytime.


      One reason is that you get negative so easily when you want to
      do something else or you do not see why you should have to do
      this other thing. You say to yourself: "This is unfair."

      But everything in life is unfair.

      Nothing is fair or just on this Earth, and you should read
      Ouspensky's wonderful chapter on Experimental Mysticism
      to realize that what he saw through inner perception from a
      higher plane of understanding was that our idea of justice
      on this Earth is illusion.

      On this level, all sleeping humanity belongs to a tiny planet
      which is a kind of lunatic asylum.

      There is no justice, no fairness.

      Only if everyone on this Earth became conscious, then the
      whole story would become quite different.

      Just notice what is happening here in the world to-day.

      So instead of referring everything to the idea of fairness
      and justice it is far better to will what you have to do in
      everything and try to awaken from your negative emotions.

      That will give you freedom and inner peace.

      Kicking against the pricks will make you more negative and
      therefore less and less free.

      This paper is about two ways of taking the events of life.

      One is that you do not identify with them; the other is to
      will them.

      Sometimes we have to use one method, but sometimes to
      use the other, or both.

      I will also tell you a secret.

      We have to will one another: this is the beginning of
      conscious love.

      Maurice Nicoll
      Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky
      Pages 1314 - 1316

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