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Re: Several questions from Email

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  • Jason
    I often recieve a great deal of benifit from many groups and though I have never posted to this wonderful site, I would care to field these fine questions. A
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 27, 2002
      I often recieve a great deal of benifit from many groups and though
      I have never posted to this wonderful site, I would care to field
      these fine questions.

      A few tidbits about my experiences first... Throughout life i have
      used meditation as a tool to overcome life crippling anxiety. From
      the early age of 8, i have suffered through fear of death through
      all the usual symptoms, shortness of breath, chest pains, etc.. As i
      turn 12 i sought out the aid of a spiritual counselor who gave me a
      few short lessons on focus and what i was much later in life to
      discover was a form of meditation. Needless to say, it has continued
      to be an integral tool in my lifes pratice and i am almost to a
      point where it is a constent that i experience the extreme clarity
      found through meditation. If anyone wishes to hear more i would be
      glad to share my experiences. Although i do read these post, i do
      not usually have the time to post myself, but i would be glad to
      make the time if there is a request to do so.

      Meditation to sleep...

      Many a time i have heard tell of words that can relate to this
      thought. "When your with true peace and clarity, sleep is secondary"
      Regardless, for those that have the difficulty sleeping and cannot
      be in calm awareness all the time. There is a defining line between
      the two states. As many of you know, throughout the first trials of
      meditation, one ends up asleep. The awareness of conciousness is the
      only seperation between the two states. The body can be at rest in
      either. When your mind is away from all thought then you have the
      ability to be aware or not. Otherwise this is an insomnia, where one
      cannot be at rest due to all the thoughts rushing through the mind
      which is the opposite affect one is studying to achieve.

      Lifes goals...

      Ahhhh, in true Taoist form this is an answer one can apply to every
      aspect of your life. "Live, Think and Be here in the Now". Choose as
      the moment arises, this is one of the first tiers toward
      elightenment. Todays society can almost force one to plan every
      aspect, instead plan on not planning, the goal becomes the moment.
      Which goes right along with "keeping" a vision. We dream, invision
      and fantisize life away, one will never truly live if their living
      for tommorrow or are dreaming about yesterday.

      Loves truest gift....

      Often one can witness a relationship from an outside (neutral)
      perspective. As a meditator, one has this point inbeded in the
      mind, "to be ones own witness". As one sees in oneself the ability
      to love without condition, then it is at love one will always be.
      Regardless of what another does to you or takes from you, you will
      look upon them with compassion and understanding. The hurt of
      love "lost" is the is the pain of love undiscovered in oneself.
      Loves truest gift is the door that opens one up to peace and

      A final note...

      There is no easy path in life, without pain there is no pleasure as
      without dark there is no light. Seeing beyond the ego and self
      preservation leds to the ultimate freedom from fear and suffering.
      The road to this is long and difficult to travel yet, this is the
      price to pay for peace inside the soul.


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      > Dear Bob,
      > your site is impressive. It will surely be of much use to me.
      > I would like to ask you for a specific meditation for three
      > situations:
      > 1. Meditation to sleep. How can you tell your body that it is
      > to go to sleep and avoid staying half awake in bed for one , two
      > hours? I would like to know how to go to sleep and how to sleep
      > deeply.
      > 2. How can you mantain a strong focus on your life´s goals each
      > day, to keep the motivation of having a vision and never forget
      > it?
      > 3. One last thing, how can you be in peace with the thought of
      > someone who has hurted you and neglected you even though you cared
      > for this person that best you could? How can you keep away from
      > hatred, from pressure of later showing to this someone that she
      > regret having left you?
      > I don´t want to steal much of your help but I would be very
      > grateful if you could help me in these particular matters.
      > I thank you for all the help you have given me so far.
    • Tony
      Testing... ...Tony
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 29, 2002

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