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True Inner Tai Chi as shared by Rusty M

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    Wu chi translates to the ultimate nothing surrounded by something. - The objective is to open the wu chi in the centre completely to create a vacuum into which
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2004
      Wu chi translates to the ultimate nothing surrounded by something.
      The objective is to open the wu chi in the centre completely to
      create a vacuum into which the life force flows.
      The life force, that which differentiates a live body from a dead
      body, is referred to as soul, holy spirit, chi ,ki, or Prana
      dependening upon the cultural or language roots.
      Through ancient Chinese tradition the Chi enters that which is open
      to it, but cannot be grasped or pulled in.
      And this, of course, is what all meditation is, even the physical
      methods like Sufi Dancing are desiged to open oneself to divine
      grace. The sufi spins around a still center and this center opens
      wider with the faster spin.
      In Wu Chi meditation one must be perfectly balanced, so that one can
      totally relax, because it is only in total relaxation that the chi
      may enter.
      So the standing pose is straight spine and head held as if suspended
      form above. The small of the back flattened slightly so the knees
      unlock. Hands dangling so the fingers are pointed toward the toes.
      While holding this stance now one should be able to totally relax.
      Imagine your energy umbilical connection two finger widths below the
      navel where your physical umbilical connection was. Your physical
      connection was severed at birth but your chi connection remains. All
      it needs is Connection to allow the chi in.
      So Here's the Drill:
      On the inbreath feel the chi enering the center as you open to it.
      On the outbreath totaly relax all channels from all directions into
      the center so the chi may flow back up the open channels. As more
      chi enters it fill the body and aura and you continue to let more
      enter until it's thicker than blood. And you may continue to let it
      pack in and increase the field of your aura.
      * The rationale behind this is:
      When a child is born it does not know how to move until a muscle is
      clenched and a limb moves. The child learns this clenching technique
      but not the total release of the clench..
      A baby will grab your finger and not let go until it has something
      else to grab. Although the child soon learns to cease clenching it
      does not go all the way to totally release the clench. All taiji
      drills therefore go the opposite. Release the clench and go into, the
      opposite Stretch and then release the stretch.
      This 4 beat takes over from the one beat of clench only and the
      clenching throughout the body opens up and chi can enter again. The
      clenching is throughout the entire body.
      As you assume the wu chi stance notice if your fingers remain curled
      or are pointing straight to the toes. If your hands are curved
      inward, you have residual clenching and therefore blockages to chi.

      There is an interesting history to taiji as part of the total
      training is the self defense aspect. Centuries ago the ruling
      Emperors caught wind of this and enlisted the taiji masters to train
      the army. The masters taught only the form and the self defense
      technique but left out the secret of accumulating and using chi. The
      true form was seceretly passed down by four families in Central China
      and is now being taught if a few parts of the world while millions
      continue with the martial arts or tai chi dance.

      True inner tai chi does not use any martial art technique but is able
      to use the chi as defense.
      I'm enclosing a link to Grandmaster Wang's site so you may notice a
      couple of pictures.
      In the opening picture notice Henry's fingers: No clench there.
      And in the next page notice how Dr.Peter Ullman, an accomplished taiji
      player himself, and a black belt in Aikido martial arts, simply
      crumbles in the presence of Henry' chi.
      This is for demostration purpose only as Henry has avoided all
      physical martial art competition for decades.

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