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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Pallavi's question

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  • sandeep
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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Pallavi's question

      > >
      > > I just held Pallavi in
      my arms, till her sobs ceased.
      > >
      > *v* Oh? Are you
      saying that there is a real Pallavi which you
      > personally know and who
      was crying over the children who did
      > not have peace and creature
      And it is more about the consequences for children caught in war zones and conflict situation, rather than of endemic deprivations.

      > That surprizes me because I've seen many
      children around that age  who have made art of the public appeals variety and they >were as far  from crying as is they were lying on the beach licking a cone. Not to say they were callous, but rather that they
      felt very good about what they did to help make everyone see the injustice that they so recently learned to see.
      > Their feeling for the children they depicted was
      never sorrow, but was in a way, more of a detached compassion for
      something they felt the old people in power needed to be reminded of. Those children would have seen a hug as
      > an insult to their intelligence, or a
      typical adult brushing off of the 'poor sad little kid', a very patronizing
      > response to what they felt was their very insightful media
      That indeed is also a typical response.
      In this case, it was different.

      > Actually, if there was a Pallavi who reads
      in here
      > I'd want to tell you that you did a great job in putting
      > thought provolking public service announcement together. It
      is artistically pleasing as well as remaining clear and to the
      > point
      while holding the interest of the viewer. The use of
      > the question was
      smart because it makes the viewer think,
      > whereas so often the authority
      method of script turns people
      > off. Nice presentation,
      No Pallavi is not subbed to this List or any List for that matter.
      I will convey your thoughts to her.

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