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Re: Localization - dualist in space/roller coaster

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  • Onniko
    ... *v* Yes, I know that back and forth perception, too. More obvious maybe in the theatre, it s also noticeable when you re just talking a walk and one moment
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 31 2:09 PM
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, freyjartist@a...
      > *v* Very key point, Freyja, about closing those eyes.
      > Most of those rides are smoother and less exciting
      > that a ride in a car with your eyes closed.
      > At the science dome where they show the movies that
      > curve all around the big dome shaped room, they had a
      > film about roller coasters. The viewers are put in
      > the position of being on the various coasters and in
      > one also traveled as energy through a twisting tube
      > of light, very much like the feeling of speed and
      > position you feel when returning from a dream to
      > waking and visa versa. The point is, though, I was
      > never so nausious in my life than I was when that
      > movie was over, and all I'd done was sit there and aim
      > my eyes as if I were sitting in the coaster seats.
      > It was alot of fun, though. I'd recommend it but do
      > take your dramamine first!>>
      > There was also one with a 180 screen,
      > where there was the very real sensation of being
      > suspended over a very large and deep
      > canyon sitting in construction machinery
      > type vehicles suspended from cables.
      > But you werent enclosed or strapped in.
      > It gave a feeling of flying because it all
      > moved pretty fast. It was so real that
      > it feel somewhat scary, that because I
      > wasn't strapped in, I could fall.
      > It was interesting to notice the switching
      > back and forth of perception, from me
      > sitting still in a theatre-type seat watching
      > the movement(the world moving around me) to me
      > actually in the movie, moving through the
      > sky.
      > ~~freyja

      *v* Yes, I know that back and forth perception, too.
      More obvious maybe in the theatre, it's also noticeable
      when you're just talking a walk and one moment you're
      all out there in the landscape and then you draw your
      attention back to the one walking and then, you're

      Same with falling off to sleep and noticing how
      your attention literally falls and spreads out into a
      virtual reality which, if you decide not to follow,
      just smooths back away like the fizz on the top of
      your soda.

      In this virtual reality of life, I've noticed
      that some people very much prefer the theatre seat
      position because the way it makes life seem unreal guards
      against suffering? I still prefer being all spread out
      across the landscape, though. Sitting suspended in the
      air in machinery sounds like lots of fun!
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