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  • Gregory Goode
    That is an insightful post that Bob submitted. And I agree, Nina, many people can t stay still and don t want to. They are associating aliveness with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16 7:04 AM
      That is an insightful post that Bob submitted. And I agree, Nina, many people can't stay still and don't want to. They are associating aliveness with the physical instead of the subtle aspects.

      But as active as hatha yoga can be, when it is taught perceptively, it is taught as an aid to meditation. A way to make the body feel more comfortable so that it is better able to be at rest. If the body can't be at rest, then the mind can't be at rest. If the mind can't be at rest, then the heart can't be at rest.


      On 1/16/04 07:41 am "Nina" (murrkis@...) wrote:

      Thas' a good one, Greg. Nice contribution about the driving, Gene.<BR>
      Bob, your submittal on 'moving to feel alive' is interesting, as well.<BR>
      Michael L.'s posting of the information on his website and his<BR>
      'simple practice' has also coalesced with what you all have submitted<BR>
      to bring to mind something I have come across in teaching yoga -<BR>
      the person who "cannot do yoga" (their quotes) because they "must <BR>
      move / can't be still / don't want to be still". Some folks can tend<BR>
      to fetishize movement as proof of being 'more' alive. I include in<BR>
      this fetish the desire to 'take form', which is only an endpoint in<BR>
      a certain spectrum of movement.<BR>
      The word asana translates as 'seat' more than 'pose', <BR>
      though 'position' is usually how asana is taught. What you all<BR>
      have brought together, is a way of explaining the practice of <BR>
      asana, as a way of becoming aware of awareness observing the <BR>
      movement/form taking.<BR>

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