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Fw: [ordinaryawakening] Nasrudin's New Website

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  • Michael A. Read
    ... From: Carl To: ordinaryawakening@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 6:41 PM Subject: [ordinaryawakening] Nasrudin s New Website Once it
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      From: Carl
      Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 6:41 PM
      Subject: [ordinaryawakening] Nasrudin's New Website

      Once it happened that Shaikh Nasrudin decided to set up a website for
      the purposes of teaching and sharing his feelings and interests with
      others on the internet. He went out and bought a computer, the best
      one he could find. He got a scanner too, a printer, and a digital
      camera and began taking pictures of himself, his family and pets, and
      some of his favorite works of art. He designed a nice web page using
      the software that came with his computer. He wrote some interesting
      introductions and some "mission statements" and some favorite quotes
      and arranged them all nicely on his website with graphics and some
      funny pictures he had found in his software called clip-art. He was
      having such a good time with all of this he didn't notice that his
      counter was reading only 7 or 8 hits, the amount of times he had
      visited his own site. When he did see this, he was puzzled as to why
      no one seemed to be visiting his website. He called tech support for
      his internet provider (AOL, Arabia Online)and they told him he would
      have to advertise his site somehow in order to get visitors.
      "Ah hah!" said Nasrudin. He knew what to do now. He called his
      brother in law who was a news reporter on the evening news on the
      biggest TV network in the country. He got his brother in law to
      advertise his new site because the man owed him a favor. Soon
      Nasrudin's counter was whizzing like mad, day by day the total grew
      until he had millions of hits in a matter of a few weeks. Then one
      day a friend of his called and said that he had heard that certain
      people were downloading Nasrudin's picture from his site along with
      pictures of his family and pets and doing God-knows-what with them.
      Nasrudin took the pictures offline. Another friend called and said
      that he had seen some of Nasrudin's writings being used by a man who
      claimed that he had written the material. Nasrudin took the writing
      offline. Another friend called him to say that he had heard that some
      one was using Nasrudin's name for such and such. Nasrudin took his
      name off the site. It went on like this until there was nothing left
      on the website but some colors and a counter. Nasrudin noticed that
      by and by the counter stopped moving and no more people visited his
      "I guess I showed them!" he said.

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