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All Spiritual Questions Answered

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  • debralawson999
    Greetings Dear List Members, I d like to forward this beautiful Message from Gary Smith: Hi, many of you met me in the 1997-1999 timeframe when I was traveling
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2002
      Greetings Dear List Members,

      I'd like to forward this beautiful Message from Gary Smith:

      Hi, many of you met me in the 1997-1999 timeframe when I was
      traveling and
      teaching the Sacred Merkaba Techniques.

      My statement in 1997-1999 from meditating once a day with the Sacred
      Techniques was, "That who I was, I am no longer. That who I am, I am

      In 2000-2001, I began meditating 3 times a day and this resulted in
      Ascensions where my personal statement became, "That who I was, I am
      no longer.
      That who I am, I have become".

      Since late 2001 I have been meditating a minimum of 7 full
      meditations a day,
      everyday, along with several hours of prayer and walking mantras. On
      July 25th,
      2002, my life changed once again, and now my personal statement
      is, "That who I
      was, I am no longer. That who I could be, I Have Become.'

      Thus, I can now announce that all spiritual questions by participants
      are being
      answered at the wondrous 8 day gatherings we call the Adept
      Intensives. The
      Sacred Merkaba Techniques Adept Intensives offer people the amazing
      to have all their spiritual questions answered during 8 wondrous
      days. Imagine,
      all your ancient questions of why am I here, what am I to do, what
      happens after
      death, how did I get here, what is Ascension, how does one Ascend,
      what is a
      soul, etc. all being fully answered in one eight day period. Samples
      of questions
      answered in the August and September 8 day gatherings are listed

      The spiritual energies now available to me and to participants at the
      8 day
      seminars since July have gone "off the scale". These extra energies
      have resulted
      in many new experiences unfolding for people along with all the
      needed for people to have "True Knowledge" about their personal
      adventures in the Angelic (4th), Archangelic (5th), the end of
      duality (6th) and
      the beginning of Unity Consciousness, the 7th dimension and Beyond.
      Knowledge means a person must have both information and personal
      experience. The
      information about the Angelic Kingdom, or 4th dimensional level, and
      Archangelic Kingdom, 5th dimensional level in Creation and beyond
      will come
      through daily lectures. Thus, as each person's experiences unfold
      with their
      Adept level meditations, activations and bilocations, they are able
      to understand
      their personal experiences in the dimensional levels of Angels,
      Archangels and
      Ascended Masters. People's experiences from September's gathering are
      by writing Email@... with a subject line of "Request for Sept
      Intensive Experiences".

      In the Oct 26th to Nov 2nd 2002, Intensive we have 7 locations on 3
      for those who are ready:

      Miami, FL Cathy at suncat1111@...
      Chicago IL Barb at sunmask@...
      Minnesota/North Dakota Michael at Michael@...
      NYC, NY Thomas at thomasvictor8@...
      San Francisco, CA Andrea at andrea@...
      Germany Kuno at MerkabaMannheim@...
      South Africa Gigi at gigis@...

      Samples of questions answered in the August 2002 and September 2002

      · How DNA Relates to One's Physical Body and Ancestral Memories,
      (along with a
      guided DNA Cleanse to Remove Emotional Angers from Your DNA Memories).
      · How All Spiritual Healing Works, (along with the Techniques to Heal
      · Why and How Karmic Debts Can Be Removed, (along with a Guided
      Karmic Cleansing
      Meditation which Removes Karmic Debts).
      · The Differences between Planetary, Solar and Galactic Ascended
      Masters, (along
      with the activation techniques to Ascend to those levels and Beyond).
      · The Full Explanation of Sacred Geometry and the Real Reason
      Why "Men are from
      Mars and Women are from Venus", (along with the techniques to balance
      interesting spiritual energies).
      · The Details of How and Why You Incarnated In a Human Body, (along
      with the
      techniques to work with the "Full You").
      · How and Why You Can Use Your Physical Body as a Superconductor of
      Divine and
      Sacred Energies to Heal Others, (along with the tools, methods,
      activations and
      techniques to use Divine and Sacred Energies to heal oneself and
      · The Details of How "The Real You" operates in the Denseness of a 3rd
      Dimensional Physical Body, (along with the techniques for full
      communication with
      the Real You).
      · What is Ascension and How is Ascension Done, (along with the
      techniques with
      Assure Ascension in this Lifetime).
      · The Different Levels of Ascension, Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Unity
      Consciousness and the Beyond Unity Consciousness, (along with the
      techniques to
      active your Individualized Consciousnesses at those Levels).
      · The Details of Working and Communicating with Angels, Archangels,
      Masters and even with God, the Mother, Father Creator God of All That
      Is, (along
      with the methods and techniques mechanisms to prevent possession).
      · Why You Want to Communicate and Not Channel As Channeling is
      Possession, (along with the Exorcism Techniques for when Sacred
      Techniques Adept Teachers come across Possessed People).
      · How Individualized Consciousness differs from Group Consciousness
      and how Group
      Consciousness differs from Unity Consciousness, (along with the
      techniques to
      create your Individualized Consciousness at the Unity Consciousness
      Levels in
      · How the "Real You" is Your Guides and Guardian Angels, (along with
      techniques to work with "Your Angelic Selves").
      · The Spiritual Energetic Differences between Unconditional Love and
      Love, (along with the tools, cleanses and techniques necessary to
      Unconditional Love to yourself and others).
      · The Reason the Blue Race of Shiva and Krishna is portrayed in
      ancient paintings
      throughout Africa, Asia and Europe, (along with the code words and
      qualities to activate the memories within those of the Blue Race who
      incarnated at this time to help humanity).
      · How Massage Therapists Can Also Heal People Spiritually and
      Mentally While
      Healing People's Physical Bodies in Massage, (along with the Golden
      Flower of
      Life Spherical Healing Techniques which operate at the sub-atomic
      level and are
      able to change "water to wine" as well as heal others).

      In God's Love

      Deb ~ Ra el Auriel
      Adept Teacher
      Basic Sacred Merkaba Techniques
      (239-417-9742) ( http://www.merkaba.org)
      Golden Flower of Life Healing
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