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Awareness watching awareness

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  • Michael L.
    A quote by Sri Muruganar from Garland of Guru s (Sri Ramana Maharshi s Sayings): 1038. Awareness is not a quality of the Self. The Self is without qualities.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2004
      A quote by Sri Muruganar from Garland of Guru's
      (Sri Ramana Maharshi's Sayings):

      1038. "Awareness is not a quality of the Self.

      The Self is without qualities.

      Awareness is not an action of the Self.

      The Self does nothing.

      The Self, our Being, IS Awareness."

      A quote by Sri Ramana Maharshi from Day by Day with

      "You are awareness.

      Awareness is another name for you.

      All that you have to do is to give up being aware of
      other things;

      that is, of the not-Self."

      If one gives up being aware of them,

      then pure awareness alone remains,

      and that is the Self."

      Since the Self is Awareness,

      Self Awareness is:

      Awareness of Awareness.

      This discovery, translated into practice as
      awareness watching awareness
      was a great blessing for me.

      I was trying to find a clear easy way of understanding
      and practicing Sri Ramana Maharshi's
      and Sri Nisargadatta's instructions regarding
      focussing the attention on I or I AM.

      The awareness watching awareness discovery
      solved everything.

      I wrote about the details of what lead up to that
      including practice instructions here:


      That discovery was back in December of 2001
      and I have not yet put an update on the
      Direct Path Links Directory
      describing the progression of the practice.

      The following is a brief report
      on the progression of the actual practice of
      awareness watching awareness:

      In the beginning of the practice,
      Sri Muruganar's quotes regarding
      refraining from looking at thought, the body, the
      world etc., and instead turning the attention towards
      awareness watching awareness
      were helpful.

      Because the habit of looking outward is so strong,
      reading these practice instructions
      and then actually practicing them was helpful:





      There were other things that were helpful to read
      such as descriptions of liberation
      which helped increase the desire for liberation
      and quotes by Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Annamalai
      Sri Muruganar and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
      that encouraged intense, constant,
      continuous practice.

      I won't list all those links here,
      they can all be found here:


      As the practiced progressed
      there was far less reading.

      Very rapidly the practice simplifies
      and it is just awareness watching awareness.

      Awareness watching awareness is the perfect practice.

      It instantly becomes awareness of awareness
      which instantly becomes abiding as awareness,
      which instantly becomes being awareness.

      Or one might say:

      awareness watching awareness
      is really awareness of awareness
      which is really abiding as awareness
      which is really being awareness.

      I prefer to shut the eyes.
      Because the habit of abiding as awareness is there,
      upon shutting the eyes,
      there it is.

      Instant abidance.

      Just awareness by itself.

      As the practice progresses,
      it becomes simpler.

      One just abides as awareness.

      Awareness only.

      No thought, no body, no world, no universe.

      As Sri Ramana describes it in Talk 17:


      "Does Maharshi enter the nirvikalpa samadhi?"

      Sri Ramana:

      "If the eyes are closed, it is nirvikalpa;
      if open, it is (though differentiated, still in
      absolute repose)savikalpa.
      The ever-present state is the natural state sahaja."

      If the attention is turned inward away from the body,
      thought, world, universe, etc.
      and towards awareness watching awareness
      it does not take long to realize
      that I am that awareness that lives forever.

      Thinking will not help.
      One has to feel the eternal life within
      for the fear of ending the human known to disappear.
      Awareness watching awareness
      makes one aware of that feeling
      after only a little practice.

      Having felt that eternal life within,
      one wants only that,
      and the desire for a bodily imagined existence
      that is really a kind of death and not life at all,

      Or as Sri Ramana Maharshi described it:

      "So I am the spirit transcending the body.
      The body dies but the Spirit transcending it
      cannot be touched by death.
      That means I am the deathless Spirit."

      "All this was not dull thought;
      it flashed through me vividly as living truth
      which I perceived directly..."

      It begins just as a subtle feeling,
      then rapidly it emerges as the Reality.

      That subtle feeling can be felt
      after only a little time spent turning within towards
      awareness watching awareness.
      Maybe from the very first time one attempts it,
      or maybe after a few attempts.

      Because of the long habit of looking outward
      and calling a dream reality,
      it is good to continue to look inward
      long after one's first glimpse-feeling-awareness
      of what one really is.

      Knowing who one really is,
      is to remain without any sorrow, suffering,
      disease or death.

      Thus one trades in this limited imagination
      for Infinite-Eternal-Being-Awareness-Bliss-Love-Peace
      and those are not seven,
      that is just one.

      The solution to the fear of losing the known
      (imagining oneself to be a body living in a world)
      is just to turn inward,
      to cease looking outward at a world, body and thought
      and towards awareness watching awareness.

      The ending of the fear comes with the experience.
      Some experience comes very quickly.
      One begins to feel the eternal life within.
      As that feeling grows,
      the worry about losing what one formerly called life,
      which was not life at all,

      If one just starts turning inward towards
      awareness watching awareness,
      there is nothing one need think about.

      One falls in love with empty awareness,
      and discovers I am empty awareness,
      then I am disappears
      and one remains as:

      That being-awareness is eternal life.

      Just see the beauty of it!

      Being-Awareness is:


      There is no thought, no body, no world and no universe
      in that awareness.

      Although empty of all these, it is full.

      Full, whole, complete, perfect Awareness.

      The above is the progress report.

      Here is a brief commentary:

      Due to the fear of ending the known,
      almost no human wishes to end the human known.

      In almost all humans the desire to preserve
      the ego illusion is trillions of times greater
      than the desire to end the ego illusion.

      This includes those humans who study,
      think about and discuss spiritual topics.

      Therefore, having a means to end the ego illusion
      which is extremely quick rapid and Direct,
      really does not matter,
      until the desire for liberation is awakened.

      Pretending that it has been awakened
      when it has not been awakened,
      while the fear of ending the known is still there,
      does not help to awaken it.

      Self honesty does help.

      There is more that should be said about this,
      however, to keep this email message from being too
      long, it can wait.

      There are thousands of relevant quotes by
      Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Muruganar, Sri Sadhu Om,
      Sri Annamalai Swami and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
      and I will continue to add them to the
      Direct Path Links Directory.

      Ceasing to think about such quotes,
      and intstead taking one quote at a time,
      and not moving from it
      until it has been put into practice,
      is a powerful key.

      Here is a quote by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

      "Give up all questions except one:

      'Who am I?'"

      One might read such a quote many times with no effect,
      because the extremely intense desire for liberation
      has not yet been awakened.

      After the extremely intense desire for liberation
      awakens, then when one reads the very same quote,
      instead of thinking about it, or discussing it,
      one puts it into practice.

      Putting it into practice,
      there are no more questions,
      not even questions on spiritual topics.

      One never allows the mind to give the answer to the
      queston 'Who am I?'.
      The answer to the question is the end of the
      experiencer and the end of the human known.

      In the practice of awareness watching awareness,
      no questions arise.

      Take care,

      with Love,

      Michael L.

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