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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Nasrudin on Comfort vs Survival

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  • medit8ionsociety
    ... Well, let s see if we can get Nasrudin to tell us........ Nasruddin is it really true you are the wisest man in the world. So far it is true . . . but I
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 29, 2003
      DukeTheKnight <dukef16cd@y...> wrote:
      > that made me smile !
      > but who's nasrudin anyway?

      Well, let's see if we can get Nasrudin to tell us........

      "Nasruddin is it really true you are the wisest man in the world."
      "So far it is true . . . but I have not yet met everyone . . . "

      Mullah are you a vegetarian?'
      'I am a vegetarian once removed'
      'Once removed?'
      'Yes . . . you see I only eat animals that are vegetarians . . .'

      "Nasrudin would you claim to be a humble man?" asked one of his
      buddies. The Beloved Mullah puffed his chest up and said,
      'Friends I am too humble to even contemplate the extent of my
      humility. However, I am sure I would be truly humbled by its depth."

      "Nasrudin how old are you?"
      "Well now let me see . . . that all depends . . ."
      "Depends on what Nasrudin?"
      "Well I wasn't born yesterday and I can not have been born tomorrow.
      So today must be my Birthday."

      "Mullah where would you most like to be?"
      "Well . . . " began Nasrudin thinking carefully, "Wherever I go my
      wife always says I have been somewhere else. Is there a place for
      which nowhere else is possible?"

      Once Nasrudin worked in a large corporation. One day he was invited to
      a big meeting with all the supervisors in the company. At the
      beginning of the meeting each person there was required to present him
      or herself and something about him or herself to the others present.
      "Hi, I'm John Smith", said one, "and I supervise two people".
      "Hello, my name is Mary Jones", said another, "and I supervise five
      Each person at the meeting took his turn presenting themselves and
      over and over again, each ended up saying their name and how many
      people they supervised.
      Then came Nasrudin's turn.
      "My name is Nasrudin", he said, "and I supervise three people..."
      Everyone in the room looked at each other perplexed. "How could this
      man say he supervises three people? He isn't even a supervisor in this
      company.", they thought.
      Nasrudin continued, "...me, myself, and I."

      "Nasrudin, are you famous?"
      "Well, you may term me a well known anonymous"

      Well, I hope this gives you a little taste of Mullah Nasrudin, the
      wisest idiot of them all.

      > medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > "Well Nasrudin, what do you think?
      > Can you see the possibility of comfort
      > being our basic drive, or do you think
      > it is survival, meaning or something else?"
      > "I used to have an open mind", replied
      > Nasrudin, "but my brains kept falling out."
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