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  • franksidebottom_uk
    So is it bad to put your toungue against the roof of your mouth in meditation? ... Graham. ... It ... of ... seemingly ... comfortably ... either ... spine ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 15, 2002
      So is it bad to put your toungue against the roof of your mouth in

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      > Hi - Thanks to Sri Betteji for her input on this question by
      > She is the author of all of the Hatha Highlights articles in The
      > Inner Traveler, and has been a yoga teacher for more than 20 years.
      > Here is one of her columns that first appeared in the first Sample
      > Issue of The Inner Traveler. It is titled "Sitting".
      > SITTING
      > By Bette Rose
      > Learning to sit is essential to the practice of all types of yoga.
      > is often the first posture learned by beginners and is one of the
      > most important postures in Hatha Yoga for centering, relaxing,
      > meditation, and emptying. Whether sitting in easy (cross-legged),
      > perfect (1/2 lotus), or full lotus, the natural, upright position
      > the spine allows for easy flow of prana up and down and around each
      > and every vertebrae. It is easy to track that pranic energy when we
      > assume a perfect posture.
      > Hatha Yoga is meditation in motion-even though our body is
      > still while sitting, we are alternately filling and emptying our
      > lungs, abdomen, spinal column, and all parts of the body, with
      > life-affirming energy. So there is always movement within, if not
      > without. While sitting, first relax all of the muscles, bones,and
      > joints in your body. Then assume whatever position comes
      > to you. Remember that by crossing the one leg over the other,
      > at the ankles, knees, or thighs, you are creating a mudra, or seal,
      > of the pranic energy within the body. This is the God energy-the
      > higher gift. Permit the whole body to relax, particularly the
      > shoulders-be sure they are down and away from the ears. Let the
      > be straight - visualize a column of light beginning at the base of
      > the spine up to the crown of the head, along each of the seven
      > chakras. Allow the head to float gently on top of the spine-the
      > not seeing, the ears not hearing, the mouth not speaking. Notice
      > position of the tongue - be sure it isn't clinging to the roof of
      > mouth (the moon or negative energy dwells there). Rather allow it
      > relax. Concentrate on the breath, keeping it gentle and soft,
      > in no outside sound or thought. Witness third-eye illuminations.
      > Think of sitting asanas as a bridge to meditation. See the path
      > filled with light and bliss-know that as you increase your comfort
      > level and flexiblity, you can then let your physical body go, and
      > the end of the bridge, find peace and true happiness. Focus on the
      > third eye-the area between the eyebrows-it is the seat of the mind
      > and is the place where the divine light dwells. We, as human
      > are the carriers of that divine light here on earth. Realize that
      > is everywhere -outside us, within us. Let that light shine through
      > your eyes, speak through your words, be felt through all of your
      > actions. Send it out into the universe. Send it to those who you
      > love-Send it to those who need love-Send it to all beings near,
      > beyond.
      > Spread peace through yoga and meditation.
      > Shanti, Shanti, OM
      > > Graham "franksidebottom_uk" <graham_logan@h...> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Just thought I'd bug u all again!
      > > > The easy pose is recommended for meditation to help slow the
      > > > metabolism and still the mind.But for me I find it
      > > is uncomfortable and makes my back bent.I know its important to
      > have a straight back.Is this a pose which you body adjusts to?Will
      > I,over time be able to sit comfortably and with a straight back?
      > >
      > Dear Graham -- although this easy posture is suggested for
      > the mind and body for meditation, if it proves distracting for you,
      > then it's not the right one. However, as with all yogic postures,
      > the body naturally adjusts over time, as the muscles and joints
      > and release. Don't worry so much right now about the back being
      > slightly bent -- but try to be more aware when first assuming this
      > posture, that the head is straightly aligned with the top of the
      > spine, the neck and shoulders are relaxed, and the chin is
      > ever-so-slightly downward, so the head is just "floating" above the
      > neck. Then the back will automatically straighten and you can
      > your body & begin to meditate. Be patient and kind to your body
      > it will reciprocate in time. Shanti Om. Bette Rose
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