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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Famous Dead Guys Found Meaning

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  • DukeTheKnight
    Thank you.... ... Well, it can be said that you are what you seek to Be, but haven t had this understanding become an ongoing process. ... This is very good!
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 26, 2003
      Thank you....

      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Duke wrote:
      > may the all the peace comes down from heaven give you a hug :)
      > well, i meditate,and i practice bearth control almost daily
      > (twice)... im also reading the Holt Qu'uran these days and lots
      > of "web pages" taling about spiritual evolution. But still im not
      > there yet.

      Well, it can be said that you are what you seek to Be, but haven't had
      this understanding become an ongoing process.
      > In your post you said "But it seems to seem to you that there's
      > nothing you can do to
      > help yourself, and you're hoping that someone will throw you a
      > lifeline, right?".. well, thats like 95% correct, the other 5% is
      > doubt... stuff like "is that really what i want?"... "is that really
      > what i love?"...."Who will teach me?and how's it going to be?Where?
      > When?How?"....

      This is very good! This is Self-enquiry, and is one of the paths that
      lead to the end of needing paths.

      > I believe in God and im confident that his guidance will always be
      > with me. The real problem is that...sometimes i tend to forget
      > that!...fear and doubt gets into my heart. Its like a sine wave
      > where your faith level is going up-down. You want to fly high in the
      > sky of love, peace, bliss, and faith....but, always, you get pulled
      > down by earthly materials. See, I dont want that, I desire to fly, i
      > just couldn't fly long enough !.

      Yes, this is comfort-seeking, and one of the ways Sri Jodyji has
      pointed out that we hope to achieve comfort is demonstrated in our
      desire "to fly high in the sky of love, peace, bliss, and faith,,,"

      > One other thing that i would like to share with you, i've been
      > experiencing it for 2 months,its that i can feel it, i can know
      > whether god is with me or not. It is very strange, but sometimes i
      > can feel god is with me in the same room, when that happens i feel
      > serene, loved, and safe. But this presence of god in my life is not
      > 24/7 :)

      Well, actually, It is. What isn't, is our Realization experientially
      of It in every moment and movement.

      > i would say it happens mostly when i start thinking how
      > great his creatures are, how complex his universe is specially when
      > thinking about the stars. Have you experienced such thing? if yes
      > plz tell me what exactly is happening!?.

      I think we all have experienced this. And these moments are when
      seeing the world ends being awful, and is appreciated as being
      awe-full. These glimpses of the divine, eternal, infinite, etc. are
      excellent motivators to persevere in our quest to know the Truth. And,
      a burning desire for liberation/truth/enlightenment/etc. is one of the
      so-called requirements for consciousness evolution. So, I don't see a
      problem here, and as a matter of fact, I think you owe yourself a pat
      on your spiritual back, as you seem to be right on track.

      > merry chirstmas everyone... :)
      > take care
      > duke

      Happy holidays, holydays, everydays:-)
      Peace and blessings,

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