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Christmas on The Astral Plane

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Recently someone asked me if I could tell them about a day on the astral plane. A whole day they specified. I don t usually use this model, but it is fun to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2003
      Recently someone asked me if
      I could tell them about a day
      on the astral plane. "A whole
      day" they specified. I don't
      usually use this model, but
      it is fun to explore the
      parallels, and so here is my
      view of...

      A Whole Day on The Astral Plane

      Today's is a great day to
      get a feeling for what a day
      on the Astral Plane is like.
      And on this Christmas day, I
      will allow myself a boldness
      that I keep at least somewhat
      in reserve on other days.

      In the New Testament, the
      Book of Hebrews, Chapter 6
      starts off with an invitation
      to "step into perfection".
      When I was in bible school,
      I looked this up in several
      scholarly translations and
      found a Hebrew Lexicon in which
      the original Aramaic phrase could
      be translated into "a feeling
      that one could imagine having
      if Jesus had returned to
      earth already and they were
      walking with him".

      Keep in mind that in this
      Book of Hebrews (attributed
      to Paul, but unlike any of his
      other writings - so I believe
      written by someone else) Jesus
      is called a High Priest, one who
      ended animal sacrifice, the whole
      issue of sin - by cleansing us
      with his sacrifice once and for all,
      and who is seen as a constant
      intercessor for us - making sure
      that God only sees us through
      him - that is, that God only
      sees us precisely the same
      way as he sees Jesus, as "sons
      and daughters".

      Imagine if you will for a
      moment what it might feel like
      to be walking along having a
      conversation with Jesus or
      another awakened teacher from
      the tradition of your choice
      (maybe in some cases, just
      listening to him or her with an
      open mind and heart instead
      of trying to sell them on
      your unique discernment.
      They know, already).

      And I know that many of you know
      much of the following, but
      bear with it to the redundant end
      if you choose to read it.

      Moving from the physical
      plane to the astral plane,
      which by the way is available
      to us while alive, not only
      after physical death, somehow
      involves a sort of "brain
      surgery" that is instantaneous
      and painless - an implant of
      a new way of knowing that
      is startling and an extremely
      pleasant surprise. The very
      presence of God, the Absolute,
      is felt with unequivocal certainty.
      The comfort of this is beyond
      anything previously known.

      Once this entrance into a
      new way of knowing is gained,
      and you have gone on to
      the astral realm, you then
      meet others who already
      reside on the astral plane,
      like Jesus and like Sri Yukteswar,
      and other awakened ones,
      who are true bodhisattvas.
      I use Jesus because he is
      my satguru, and Sri Yukteswar
      because of my familiarity
      with my wife's path as a
      devotee of Yogananda Paramhansa,
      and I've read much of his
      writings about his guru,
      Sri Yukteswar.

      In much the same way - or more
      probably, in precisely the same
      way that Sri Yukteswar explained
      these planes to Yogananda, Jesus
      explained them to me - at my
      awakening on July 21, 1975 at
      about 9:30 in the morning. They,
      the boddhisattvas, Jesus, Yukteswar,
      others, have access to the causal plane,
      and beyond, but choose to work with those
      who have made it to the astral plane
      and are now open to more guidance
      deeper into the causal plane and
      realization of more even than
      just the mental and emotional
      astral "feeling" of God's presence.

      The bodhisattva (the completed
      bodhisattva) guides those who
      have found their way or were drawn
      to the narrow gate and passed through.
      and entered the astral plane, on
      to further depths of realization
      available on the causal plane - and
      then for those who are prepared,
      the bodhisattva guides them to
      a marvelous merging into all that
      IS, as pure and holy intuitive
      consciousness - God-Realization.

      However, if you try to separate
      these levels cleanly, you will get
      stuck on minor issues - this
      is a distraction of the false
      ego. The bodhisattva has access
      to the causal plane and beyond.
      They have chosen to come back
      to meet seekers on the physical
      plane as living guides and
      on the astral plane as spiritual
      guides - each plane accessible
      while we are in the living years
      as well as in the afterlife.

      But I'll write about a day
      in the causal plane later.
      So, a day on the astral plane...

      Keep in mind that we are
      already, as human souls, encased in
      these 3 bodies of the physical
      plane, the astral and causal
      plane - but, again, these
      planes or levels of consciousness
      if you will, cannot be
      compartmentalized like a bolt,
      a nut and a washer. They are
      fluid and intermingled in a way.
      We have access to them (or more
      accurately,they have access to us)
      in this lifetime - just as we are.

      We are mental and emotional on earth,
      and we have a flow of ideas and
      creativity that flow into each
      other at different times.
      And while communication on the
      astral and causal plane is beyond
      words and must be experienced to be
      fully understood; the mental, emotional,
      ideational and creative capacities
      originate on the astral and
      causal plane.

      We have our assignments on
      earth (and we have free will
      to ignore or counter them, but
      that's another story) that
      involve our work in opening of
      consciousness and drawing from
      the three planes for others'
      benefit, by our thoughts and
      actions on all levels. This
      is the import of loving one

      A completely enlightened and
      free soul has ascended into
      the astral level, and enjoys
      the new found energy available
      there, and has gone "on" into
      the causal realm of inspired
      creativity and ideas of an
      expansive sort (and again, many
      have tasted this, obviously).
      It is so beautiful on the
      causal plane, in that it looks
      out as if over all the heavens,
      planets and the universe,
      and senses (discerns) the
      perfection and harmony of
      it all...and then... by
      grace, we are able to break
      free of even the three bodies
      to utter, absolute, top shelf
      bliss beyond words. A free
      soul while alive - a free
      spirit, wholly God, but for
      the living time, subject to
      physical laws.

      Many who tune into spiritual
      activities, such as these
      discussion groups and chats,
      and spiritual communities,
      it seems, are being graciously
      prepared for a greater view
      of, and drawing of, energy from
      these planes. This is what causes
      awakened teachers' words to resonate
      in their hearts. Their preconceptions
      can keep them from acknowledging
      and recognizing when they
      have come across a living
      worker, a compatriot of Jesus
      and Sri Yukteswar, and other
      past masters - but that's
      another story, as well.

      Some seekers are intrigued but
      sometimes resist, kick and
      scream along the way, yet
      cannot stay away from the
      attractive flame for long
      and so return again and again
      until giving up the search
      or surrendering to their
      destiny - like many other who
      are or were the reluctant ones
      called to be forerunners.

      Every day is a day on the astral
      plane for the bodhisattva. We
      sound arrogant and pretentious
      to those who have not consciously
      tuned into this level, and even
      to some who have tasted the astral
      realm and felt its radiance,
      but are still in knock-down,
      drag-out battles with concepts
      that the very sneaky false ego
      has ensnared them in.

      With the latter, a day on the
      astral plane is a day like
      I have with some students every
      so often. From their perspective,
      I am impossible, and will simply
      not listen to the questions that
      their ego ask - and then tries
      to answer itself. From my perspective,
      they are being pulled through
      a knothole. It is a critical
      point. And one of several things
      will happen. They will reject
      me as the teacher who has
      appeared to respond to their
      readiness to step more fully
      into the causal realm and
      break free into the enlightenment
      that they long for - on the very
      level that their ego at the same
      time denies, and the right teacher
      will come along for them at another
      time and place, or they'll take
      another loop in the gross physical
      body after this lifetime.

      The astral realm is blissful.
      The undercurrent of bliss is
      unshakable. It is the realm
      of the bodhisattva who has passed
      on from physical life, and it
      is the realm of the living
      bodhisattva. Not all who come
      through the astral realm and
      go on to the causal realm to
      then break free into Absolute
      Freedom and Understanding choose
      to return as bodhisattva. I
      suspect it is pre-determined
      by karma or some such "plan"
      of God. My bodhisattva vow
      came before my "trip", so it
      seems in retrospect to have
      been pre-ordained all along.
      The good news is that the
      bodhisattva (not the aspirant
      but the enlightened one) is
      done with the cycle of birth
      and death after this lifetime.
      They have discovered the essential
      "I' and the I they thought they
      were is no more (but that's
      another story, still).

      Remember the vow of the bodhisattva
      is to remain in the physical realm
      as a guide and a harmless one,
      and after leaving the physical
      body and this life, to remain in the
      astral realm, until all sentient
      beings are enlightened. The
      living bodhi has gained access
      to the astral and causal realm
      in the encased sense of being - as
      a passionate mental and emotional
      being, a high concept creative,
      and a blissful human being who
      knows by direct experiential
      knowledge that they are part
      and parcel of God already -
      as well as in the purely intuitive
      consciousness of the transcendent
      or spiritual realm - now
      recognized as a two-way street,
      fluidly accessible either way.

      The bodhisattvas who have
      passed from this life. along
      with bodhisattvas now living,
      work with the living forerunners
      of sentient beings, preparing them
      for greater access to the causal
      plane, where inspired creativity,
      perfect peace of mind and an
      effortless, magnetized life
      awaits them - now and in the

      Though there is obviously a
      separation between a living
      person and a person no longer
      on the physical plane (in a
      body), to separate the
      pure intutive consciousness
      available to us while in the
      living experience and the
      after-physical life, or pure
      spiritual life, is to negate
      the very premise of a
      natural enlightenment.

      Enlightenement is our eternal
      state, our natural estate. It is
      ordinary. It is natural.
      But it has been buried beneath
      concept and socialization,
      beneath the false ego's
      insistence on struggle and
      effort - it is the rotten
      fruit from the tree of the
      knowledge of good and evil.
      There is no evil. Evil is
      only ignorance of The Way,
      The Truth and The Light
      that will reveal perfection.

      This is what Christ Consciousness
      enlightens in us, entices us to
      remember. It is this that is
      the original intent of the
      Christ Mass. If you have not
      received this gift of enlightenment,
      of ordinary awakening, of peaceful
      and loving nondual realization, then
      know, by this witness, that
      the real gift is still available,
      waiting under the tree of life,
      with your name on it.

      Merry Christmas, friends.

      Always in Love,
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