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  • DaNiEl
    ... meditative ... that ... the ... best ... right ... to ... and ... Concepts ... way, ... way ... ends ... are ... I am actually 14 and i love meditating.
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 23, 2003
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      > > Hi everyone, can you guys post some exercises you use to go in a
      > > trance state?
      > > Thanks
      > Dear Daniel,
      > By "trance state", I'm assuming that you are referring to a
      > state. Scientifically, this is called an alpha state, and is one
      > can actually be recognized by an EEG test (the one where they wire
      > your head, and track your brain waves), as well as PET scans, and
      > other "real" methods. An even deeper state, Theta, is also a
      > meditative state, and is often a creative one, as well as a serenity
      > filled one, as is the Alpha state. I think the majority of the
      > hundreds of millions of meditators in the world use a mantra
      > technique, which is the repetition of a word or phrase, and the most
      > common one of these is OM. But there are many people who watch their
      > breath, and many who ponder esoteric questions such as "Who am I?",
      > and others who achieve their meditative states by being mindful of
      > present moment. And there are many more ways. As a matter of fact,
      > there is no way to say for sure which would be the one that works
      > for you without trying some and eventually seeing that one feels
      > and consistantly is a doorway for you to these higher states of
      > consciousness. Our web site, Meditation Station,
      > http://www.meditationsociety.com is a good place to find the answer
      > your own question for yourself. There is a good beginners section,
      > the "how-to's" of many techniques. Similarly, there are many
      > of meditation that themselves can lead to meditative states. In a
      > virtually any way that stops your mind chatter will empty you in a
      > that allows the universe to fill you with its splender, bliss, and
      > wisdom. And actually, it may be most appropriate to say that this
      > the "trance" that we are usually in:-). BTW, I noticed that your bio
      > says that you are 13. Unless this is in dog years, I feel that you
      > most fortunate to be looking at meditation at such a young age.
      > Personally, I think these stress releaving methods should be taught
      > from kindergarten on up, but I assure you that you are not too "over
      > the hill" to benefit greatly for the rest of your life from starting
      > your knowledge seeking now. I wish you well.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      I am actually 14 and i love meditating. Right now i am learning how
      to have Out Of Body Exeriences or Astral Projection.
      All day i research about meditation, dreams and of course Astral


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