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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Utopian Society

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  • Jason Fishman
    Thanks for the thoughts! I actually errored, in an unutopian fashion... I really shouldn t be calling what I was getting at a utopia. More along the lines of
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 12, 2003
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      Thanks for the thoughts!
      I actually errored, in an unutopian fashion... I really shouldn't be calling what I was getting at a utopia. More along the lines of keeping the population fed and watered, which is what I was pointing to as it could be everyones responsability to do and in corporated in any societal model. If you believe it is in a democrasy or a socialistic society it's not, but it does borrow from a communism, which could also include education and health care.
      Just some thoughts.
      Just my thoughts.
      Peace and Love

      Graeme Porteous <graemewp@...> wrote:
      Some good discussion on a subject which is in my thoughts at the moment.
      My thoughts are going like this.
      Visions of Utopian societies can only be based on our ideals born out of our very limited personal experience. We are attempting to find ' perfection ' just like we do with ourselves sometimes.
      What generally happens is that our ideal of personal ' perfection ' gets ground into the dirt by real life experience.
      There is Ideal and there is Reality.
      Utopian Societies are made up of Utopian citizens.
      Personally I have never met a Utopian citizen, just fallible human beings trying to do their best in a complex world.
      So given that we are all fallible. What is the best form of society?
      Is it not a form of society that intrinsically says ' no one has all the answers '.
      ' Let us seek to listen to all points of view and debate their merits. '
      Is that not what we have already in democracy?
      We as individuals may have our own ideas, heh we might even dehumanise people with opposing views. But the spirit of democracy says ' no - let us not dehumanise anyone, let us all seek to find the best way forward both individually and as a society. '

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