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FW: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Meditation for migraine

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  • Tony
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      Hi Bob,

      Since I have not experienced migraine I can only offer what I would do if I
      were in her position.

      I would assume there was a purpose to the migraine so my meditation would be
      along the lines of self enquiry - similar to the "who am I" questioning.

      A key component for me would be "acceptance" of the migraine rather than
      opposition to it. As in judo, I would not oppose the force of the migraine,
      rather I would yield to it as a way of overcoming it or better still passing
      through it.

      While in meditation I would explore first my reaction to the pain. I would
      look at how much my reaction contributes to the pain. I added a little
      section on this in my journal entry of October 07, partly in response to
      this question. I would become the watcher of my reaction. I think it is
      important to neutralize the reaction so you are left with the underlying
      (apparent) physical pain free of any reaction.

      I would then sense for any message or purpose of the migraine. As this would
      be along intuitive lines, there should be no reasoning or thinking. Simply
      an openness that allows whatever answer there is to surface.

      Further still I would attempt a transmutation. This would be the trickiest
      part so I can only say what I would do in my own case. I could not suggest
      this for others. I think each person should develop their own approach using
      the suggestions of others as a guide. I would gently go deeper into the pain
      of the migraine, all the while being very sensitive to how the pain changes
      as I go deeper. If the pain appears to increase, I would accept the increase
      as part of what I need to experience since the migraine is part of me. From
      my experience this action can have different results, each result will give
      you a new insight to the migraine. The simple analogy for what I would be
      looking for would be turning the migraine inside out.

      I hope this helps. It is not a specific meditation technique, but more an
      approach that looks at the bigger picture.

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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Meditation for migraine

      "Tony" <tosime@b...> wrote:
      > Before giving some suggestions, what meditation have you tried and
      for how long? What have been your results so far?

      Dear Tony,
      This suffering sister has never meditated. I did answer her
      personally, and suggested that she check with her physican. She
      long ago gave up on traditional medical treatment, and has been
      involved primarily with faith healing. There have been some new
      medications that have helped many, so I suggested she check this out,
      and perhaps use meditation as an adjacent therapy in conjunction with
      whatever her physican directed. She is curious about any specific
      techniques that have helped others. I have put her in contact with 2
      others who have had a great deal of success using medication and
      meditation with this debilitating condition, but I'm sure she would
      welcome any other input from you or anyone else.
      Thanks for your usual compassionate interest.

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