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Re: The True Birth of the Christ Child

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  • Jeff Belyea
    ... Nice meditation, Kyrie. I promised to cut back on my preaching , but I m sure allowances are made at this time of year for those who s satguru is Jesus. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 6, 2003
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      gwh00@h...> wrote:
      > The Christ Child forms the portal through which one gains union with
      > God.
      > The manifestation is known as the morning star which precedes the full
      > manifestation of the Son/Sun of God and is also the star of Bethlehem.
      > The bright star forms in the ascended portion of the cave of the
      > manger which is the womb of the Virgin. (upper brain)
      > The bright essence is gathered into the womb by the arch angels,
      > Michael and Gabriel (the eyes)
      > The angels, using heavenly fire, wrest the bright essence from the
      > dragon (earthly desire)
      > The eyes should be gently held in the ascended gaze for an hour of
      > contemplation. After several days the Christ Child will be born.
      > Just in time to give the false Christmas true meaning.
      > Merry Christmas,
      > May he come quicklyÂ…
      > Kyrie eleison

      Nice meditation, Kyrie.

      I promised to cut back
      on my "preaching", but
      I'm sure allowances are
      made at this time of
      year for those who's
      satguru is Jesus.

      I posted this last year...

      Well, I can't enter
      this season without
      a few comments about
      the celebration of
      Christmas. The
      Christ Mass. The
      birth of Jesus.

      Regardless of what
      the established church
      has done to his message,
      it is undeniable that
      the impact that this
      one man had on the world
      is unsurpassed.

      Awesome and incredible
      stories about him have
      been passed down from
      generation to generation.

      Amazing predictions about
      him by prophets who preceded
      him, his mother, his birth,
      his young life, his teachings
      and his "voluntary" death
      have been heard over and over
      by millions and millions
      of people.

      There is a story of three
      wise men who followed an
      especially bright star that
      led them to find Jesus.

      They brought him magnificent
      gifts and it is this event
      that later established the
      tradition of gift giving
      at Christmas.

      As a young man of about 30
      (and there is an account at
      age 12 - with a big historical
      gap, during which many
      speculate that he traveled
      to India and studied with
      the Essenes - a gnostic
      group who taught of an
      experiential connection
      and "knowledge" of God),
      he began to teach boldly
      about the presence of a
      "Kingdom of God" within
      our mortal frame.

      He saw that religious
      fundamentalism, without
      the heart, caused
      division and cruelty,
      and he saw those who
      claimed to have an
      exclusive relationship
      with God were often
      hateful and hypocritical
      of anyone outside of
      their "group".

      But he excluded no-one from his
      teachings, his healing touch
      or his companionship.

      At the same time, he attacked
      the whole fabric of the
      religion and culture of
      his time.

      Ultimately, he was too
      radical and the government
      put him to death. His
      radical message was that
      we should love one another.

      He taught that when we
      recognize this "Kingdom
      Within", we experience a
      new understanding and
      clearly see our divine
      inheritance and the purpose
      of our lives.

      And that this new understanding
      brings the realization of
      the oneness of all people
      on the earth, our oneness
      with God, and a euphoric
      sense of peace and well-being
      - a fullness of joy in which
      we experience a renewed
      love and kindness toward
      others that surpasses
      mere words.

      This is the true Birth
      of Christ - in our hearts.
      Our spiritual roots and
      particular cultural
      expressions are structures
      for a unique perspective
      that is universal - from
      One and The Same Source.

      Christmas is about
      recognizing this Kingdom
      within everyone, and loving
      one another, as fellow travelers
      in this human form, regardless
      of our surface differences.

      When we feel the need for
      a renewed spirit, God is
      ever faithful to give us
      the greatest gift, a joy
      unspeakable, a peace
      that passes understanding,
      and a Merry Christmas.

      I wish you comfort and joy
      throughout the holiday season
      and all through the new year.

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