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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Dealing With Life Meditations/Eglaelin

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  • Terry Wall
    I, too, am a mountain climber, and what I most notice is that it provides an ideal exercise for one-pointed mindfulness. One may never lose focus. ... From:
    Message 1 of 123 , Dec 2, 2003
      I, too, am a mountain climber, and what I most notice is that it provides an ideal exercise for one-pointed mindfulness. One may never lose focus.
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      Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 10:30 PM
      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Dealing With Life Meditations/Eglaelin

      I asked a Mountain Climber wich has treveled the world to climb
      verious mountains, she lives here in my town, she likes to come to my
      internet cafe and send of e-mails. So I asked her:

      "Now tell me, wat do you actual gain out of the experience to climb
      al these mountains, is all mountains not the same as the other"

      Uuu no, it is not only about the experience of climbing mountains but
      also the Freedom that you get out of it.

      "Ok, this is getting interesting, tell me if I flash the word "Death"
      or "Hurt" to you, how does it evect your experience and freedom by
      climbing a mountain"

      Many asked me that one, I will say that every moment I undure,
      including pain and also a posible near death experience, I just love
      it, it makes me feel more complete aaaa wats the word for it ...

      "You meen capable of doing something with the leest possible
      issitance from stuff as technology while still at risk of you well
      being, that is called challenged"

      Yea thats the word.

      "Hehe, I see you suffer with your English a bit I know you are
      Afrikaans, how so when you have travel world wide and met so many

      It is more in the fact of who I travel with than who I meet, usually
      my husband does all the talking.

      "You say you travel in a party, tell me more how it feels to be at
      this freedom when people does it with you"

      O it is just great to know that there is atleast some1 in the world
      who has the same interest.

      "Mmmm, because of the interest that the hole party has, can you
      define that you trust them more, like I say, to you climbing a
      mountain is chop chop work with other people, to me it is more like
      following a person into hell"

      It is not that some1 asked me to do it, but yes I can say that it
      does have a evect to my trust when I even climb with a total stranger
      or professional.

      "Is that a positive trust or negetive trust, do you feel more freedom
      when you for instance chat with some1 that also shares same interest."

      Positive trust ofcoarse. Well not really more freedom from just
      chating with some1, I think it is like gaining more respect for that
      person, but it does reach it's top point when we actually climbed
      some big mountain.

      "Aaaaa so I see that even comen interest has an evect on trust, now
      my last question is, wat is actually trigering this feel of freedom,
      is it more like to just eskape every day live."

      Ya, for all the time that I worked so hard, both at my job, aerning
      money, children and everything, and all this just to go over seas to
      climb a mountain.

      "Ok, thanx for the time to chat with you, I now understand your
      insight of freedom, and o dont worry about your PC time, I will reset
      it for you"

      So now we can see that not only experience drives a person to do the
      unspeakable to get to comfort and luxury, but also Freedom, the
      curious mind and stress itself. Amazing, is'nt it ?

      State of Mind Now: To be, or not to be, that is the question.

      >--- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Eglaelin"
      > Greetings and Felicitation,
      > I have been contemplating your comments below for several days. Here
      > is thought, or two, about this subject.
      > Humans are the only creature (that we know of) whom deliberately
      > out uncomfortable circumstances for the experience. Have you ever
      > heard of an animal going without food when food was available. Yet,
      > human beings will deliberately fast when plenty of food is present.
      > Why? For the experience. Does any animal climb to the top of Mt.
      > Everest just for the experience of doing so. How about living in
      > extreme cold, or space, just for the experience? The list of
      > activities could go on and on. Maybe this is one of the defining
      > differences between animals and humans. Just a thought.

      >I would contend that there is comfort to be found in these
      >experiences, and that's why we do them.

      >That is, we will endure much discomfort in our search for
      >more novel kinds of comfort, such as having been to the
      >top of the world, etc.
      >The difference between animals and humans isn't that humans
      >seek discomfort where animals won't, it's that humans have
      >developed a taste for more exotic kinds of comfor,t for which
      >they are willing to endure various levels of discomfort to


      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "jodyrrr"
      > <jodyrrr@y...> wrote:
      > > The single and solitary goal of all life is to seek
      > > comfort. Pleasure equals comfort for many forms of
      > > life. You are seeking to be ethical. For the moment
      > > that is your comfort.
      > >
      > > I submit to you that *each and every* thing that you
      > > do serves your own personal comfort. You cannot escape
      > > your own comfort seeking. Even if you put a gun to your
      > > head and pull the trigger, it was because you sought some
      > > comfort in it, even if it was only to attempt to contradict what
      > > I've written above.

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    • devi@pacific.net
      ... Patanjali. ... formed. ... devi: i have it on order from the library, i ve already read about four or five commentaries, most from indian scholors, i m
      Message 123 of 123 , Dec 17, 2003
        > If you like the study of the mind, Eglaelin, You might try Georg
        > Feuerstein's translation and commentary on "Yoga Sutra" by
        > It is the basis of Raja Yoga. It is very systematic and well
        > Love,
        > Bobby G.

        devi: i have it on order from the library, i've already read about
        four or five commentaries, most from indian scholors, i'm actually
        thinking about offering study groups in my area..
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