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  • Sandeep
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      wouldn't even call it 'accepting' them
      the way they are, because there is nothing
      to accept.    It is more about
      the fact that it becomes so
      obvious that every reaction of mine illicits
      exactly the response that it solicits.


      The initiating input--->reaction -----> response to the reaction,................this is happening all the time,.....so long the two/multiple instruments in question, are "alive".
      Along with this let's say,... primary functioning, ........there is a secondary functioning, that of the individual investments, in the reaction and in the response.
      And hence the ado of the secondary functioning.
      Whether that ado has got silenced or is thriving at it's best,..............the primary functioning, continues in the moment, moment to moment to moment.
      All issues, whether they are coloured as a seeking for a system of ethical behaviour, or whatever camouflaging device used,....
      .....is the ado of the secondary functioning.
      And is nothing but the ado, of a rooster, agonizing the whole night, as to whether it will be able to get up in time, in the morning, to crow the sun to rise.

      The degree to which there is secondary functioning
      informs/colors the interpretation of the primary functioning,
      and it becomes an 'experience'.
      If there is little or no secondary functioning, then
      there is little or no interpretation or 'experience of'
      or 'stewing about' whatever it is.
      And then (a term which unfortunately brings in the concept of "time", and thus shows the inadequacy of communication,any medium of communication),..........even the primary functioning,..........
      conceptually referred as awareness-not-aware-of-itself.



      And so, it really does becomes like there is no 'them'--
      just parts of one big "I".......

      Not even parts, Freyja, for that would lend them some semblence of independent existence.
      Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle,......which independently have an existence and then come together to form the total picture.
      The part is the very Whole, complete.
      The "wave" in the cup of your hand,.......is the Ocean.
      The dreamed-up Freyja, struggling with issues in a dream-sequence,........is nothing but the dreaming Freya, lying blissfully in a Noor Jahan bed.

      .....where all the characters in the dream are but pawns --
      playing pieces, on the chessboard of my desires..... 
      As much as is the case of the waking dream.
      Just to ante up "the interesting factor",......... I forget that it's all my doing,......whether it is the waking dream or the sleeping dream........
      ....and "become" all my desires and the instruments through which the desires unfold.
      And since, I cannot really forget, .........I also remain the witness to what I have become.
      The immanence and the simultaneous transcendence.
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