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Re: [Meditation Society of America] The benefits of meditation

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      The Benefits of Meditation

      From day one, from the very first
      time someone begins to practice
      meditation, the benefits begin
      to accrue.

      The benefits of taking a break
      from the nearly constant thought
      processing and "inner chatter" is
      in itself relaxing. So the benefits
      are immediate.

      With a disciplined, or if you
      don't like that word, regular
      practice of even a few minutes
      a day, which can be done while you
      are going through your usual
      morning routine, you begin to
      notice a more relaxed attitude
      toward just about everything.

      People whose very presence
      set off some inner tension are
      tolerated better. A stressful
      aspect of your work is taken
      more in stride. And you may
      even notice an expanded
      sense of trust your own
      judgement and decision making.

      These benefits can be subtle
      and they can be surprising -
      even startling at times. Those
      of us who were startled by
      the benefits, taken by surprise,
      tend to be those out teaching
      and spreading the word of
      the benefits of meditation.

      A beginning technique:

      Central to virtually all
      meditation practices is a
      focus on our breath; noticing
      when we are inhaling and
      noticing when we are exhaling,
      feeling the rising and settling
      of the stomach and chest.

      Some people like to visualize
      a ball of light that floats
      with the breath, along the windpipe
      and up to middle of the forehead
      and back down with each breath.

      The technique is simply to imagine
      a small ball of white light (OK,
      give it a tint of blue or pink or
      yellow if you like) that rests
      at about the top of the stomach,

      As you inhale, imagine the light
      rising up with the in-rush of air
      going down your windpipe and into
      your lungs. Imagine the light gently
      continuing up to the center of
      your forehead as you complete
      your inhale.

      Now as you exhale silently and
      gently, allow the light to flow
      back down to the top of the stomach.

      Easy as that. Take two 10-minute
      meditations and call me in the morning.

      Enjoy the day,



      Jeff Belyea

      Studio: 879-0311 or 800-330-4975
      Cell:232-7398 Home: 207-284-4119


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