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  • Eglaelin
    ... SD: Hiding behind that,...... it s all terminology and terminologies get differentially connoted or defined,. etc etc........is just that, ...........a
    Message 1 of 123 , Nov 30, 2003

      SD: Hiding behind that,...... it's all terminology and terminologies
      get differentially connoted or defined,. etc etc........is just
      that, ...........a hiding.
      E: Hiding behind that. Hiding behind what. Define what? Show me what
      so that I can represent it to others.

      SD: Incidentally the brain, is an organ,........completely
      responsive, as per an innate conditioning-in-the-moment,.........but
      cannot produce any response on it's own.
      In case, you were thinking of the brain in terms of a self-identity.
      E: On which theory do you base this hypotheses. Only if you buy the
      blank slate idea does this work. Without the brain there is no
      identity. Cut out your brain and show me the resulting identity.

      SD: Why this focus, on the self, on the "me-Egalelin"?
      E: Because it is necessary for interacting with the world and others.

      SD: Because it is from this sense of the self (however
      defined),............that all issues arise, .............that, in
      fact,.. the very world arises.
      E: If I cease to exist does the world cease to exist. While I
      interact with the world I am not the world. Before you start
      interactions on the quantum level do not matter in normal
      interactions. Such power that I possess that I can decide if the
      world exist.

      SD: Without "me-Egalelin",.............there is no "Egalelin's
      world", ........the world of it's loved ones, unloved ones, the world
      of issues to be resolved, the world in which the debate exists as to
      what is the ethical behaviour in that world and how to enhance that
      behaviour and how to mitigate that which obstructs such a behaviour,
      E: So tell me what is your technique for dealing with the world. Do
      you simply ignore the suffering around you while being wrapped in you
      own world of illusion? The negation of Eglaelin's vision of the world
      does not negate the world.

      SD: The entire hoopla of "Egalelin's world, which ceases when the
      sense of "Egalelin" ceases.
      An occurrence which happens every night.
      In the state of what is referred to as the state of deep sleep, when
      even dreaming ceases.
      E: Just because I am not aware of the world does not mean the world
      does not exist. BTW cognitive psychology has proven that the brain
      never sleeps. No matter if my higher functions are suppressed the
      meat is still aware of the world around it.

      SD: There is no static "person" contemplating the issues of his or
      her life, checking out alternative methodologies, for effectiveness
      in relation to a self conceived tenets of ethics.
      E: It does not matter if there is no static person. However,
      according to Andy there is. If there is a core to my life that never
      changes and never grows then there is a static identity.

      SD: There is a "personing",.....billions and billion
      of "personings".............as nuances of that one movement in the
      However, all this to you may be pure baloney,.................so
      let's leave all this aside.
      E: You got me there. I believe that such round-about thinking is
      nothing more than a retreat life. Someone can sit there contemplating
      the non-reality of life and self while the world goes to hell. Of
      course, according to your thinking there is no reality. I will ask
      you the same question I asked Andy. If there is no reality then why
      remain a part of it. At the most basic level you can become an
      ascetic, crawl into the mountains, and ignore your surroundings.
      However, there are quicker ways of escaping.

      SD: I reiterate, the same essential question,..............what is
      the basis on which lies the conviction, of the existential reality of
      an independent self in the manifested psycho-somatic conditioned
      object which society has labeled "Egalelin"?
      E: Because it is necessary to interactions with others.

      SD: Don't quote conceptualizations by others, but share what is that
      basis, that sense of conviction which prevails right now, in the
      biological object, reading these squiggly signs on a PC screen.
      E: I repeat the message I wrote earlier. Because I said so! It does
      not matter to me whether you accept my identity at all. I reply to my
      quotings of the conceptualizations of others. You do the same thing.
      Everything you have said is simply rehashed atheistic philosophy.
      There is no evidence of the existence of self. There is not evidence
      to the Existence of God. However, there is no disproof of self or
      God. In reality it does not matter if God, or the Self, has no
      reality outside our imaginings. What matters is what you do with it.
      In addition, my sense of self enabled me to survive psychological
      trauma (sexual, physical and mental abuse). Even though I don't agree
      with much of their philosophy I would recommend reading Anthem by Ayn

      SD: Everything else is secondary.
      E: Only within the mentality that says the world is something unreal
      and therefore unimportant.

      SD: Off course, if you are moved to share......
      E: In reality I did not come into the group to discuss metaphysics. I
      came looking for meditation techniques that apply to daily life. I
      was not looking for meditations about astral travel, white light,
      higher planes, gods, goddesses and various hyper-somatic ideals. I
      came looking for down-to-earth meditations techniques. Why/ Because
      that is where I live. I don't live on the quantum reality, I don't
      live in a world of illusions. I make this `assumption' because I
      think the world matters. I don't seek to escape it. I don't see it as
      a place filled with Sin and Evil. I don't see it as a veil of
      illusion. In addition, I am not alone. I am not discounting the
      existence other planes, hyper-somatic beings, and related subjects.
      I just don't think it matters.

      Peace On Your Path,
    • devi@pacific.net
      ... Patanjali. ... formed. ... devi: i have it on order from the library, i ve already read about four or five commentaries, most from indian scholors, i m
      Message 123 of 123 , Dec 17, 2003
        > If you like the study of the mind, Eglaelin, You might try Georg
        > Feuerstein's translation and commentary on "Yoga Sutra" by
        > It is the basis of Raja Yoga. It is very systematic and well
        > Love,
        > Bobby G.

        devi: i have it on order from the library, i've already read about
        four or five commentaries, most from indian scholors, i'm actually
        thinking about offering study groups in my area..
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