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Re: Dealing With Life Meditations/Eglaelin

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  • Andy
    Hello Eglaelin ~ I agree that materialism is a barrier to growth. There is no growth. There is only apparent change. The notion of growth is a conceptual
    Message 1 of 123 , Nov 27, 2003
       Hello Eglaelin ~
      I agree that materialism is a barrier to growth.

      There is no growth.

      There is only apparent change. 

      The notion of growth is a conceptual overlay on top of what is.  (I understand that this - and much of what follows - may challenge your belief system(s).)

      Dealing with the material plane and being materialistic are different. Accepting the reality of mind, body, emotion and universe does not invalidate the spiritual aspects. It simply
      embraces them as part of the overall gestalt of existence.
      There are times when we must be in the box and times when we must be out of the box.
      There is no box.  There never was.  The concept of a box is simply that: a concept, a thought.  Clinging to such notions keeps the game going.
      Only when we can act from both views of reality can we be
      of help to others.
      This is another belief.  Help happens.  Sometimes.  There are no  prerequisites for its presence.
      There is a time for silence and a time for talk. There is a time for action and a time for rest. I like the biblical qoute
      relating to this but will not reprint it here.
      And those times are not up to us.  They happen to us, through us, but not by our will.

      Most of the religious 'isms do have the same approach. "This world is flawed and must be escaped from," is a common thread within most of them. They either image the universe as illusion
      and unimportant or they image the universe as full of Sin and something to be escaped from. My favorite book (Ethics For A New Millenium) is about bringing spiritual knowledge into the world
      for the betterment of humanity and the universe.
      According to whom?  Betterment of humanity based on whose definition?
      Al-Qaeda has their own perspective on what would "better" humanity.  Do you think theirs is the path to follow?  Christian fundamentalists can tell you how to "better" humanity.  Is that the "right" way?
      I am fully distrustful of any group or individual which asserts it "knows" what is best for humanity (let alone the universe).
      It is all being taken good care of, despite our attempts to help it.
      It embraces the need for lifting yourself and others into a higher perception.
      That perception is right here, right now.  It requires no lifting, and it's not higher than any other perception.  You are already it!  You just don't grok it at the moment.
      That is how the game is played out: a thought occurs that one must get from "here" to "there," and one spends months, years, a lifetime! attempting to make that "journey," to have that transition.  And the joke of it is this: there is nowhere to get to, nothing to get.  There's an old zen saying that encapsulates this well: 
      Before I studied the Way, mountains were mountains, and rivers were rivers.
      After I'd practiced the Way for a few years, suddenly mountains were no longer mountains, and rivers no longer rivers.
      But now that I've practiced the Way for many, many years, mountains are again mountains, and rivers are rivers.
      Also, from zen, in the "Identity of Relative and Absolute" sutra, it is written that: "If you do not see the Way, you do not see it even as you walk on it."
      That is the big "joke" of the spiritual search!  One eventually "arrives" where one has always been.  And one is the same as one has always been. 
      The Dalai Lama did an excellent job of separating religion from spirituality and showing how it can improve one's life and the life of others. I have always taken this approach to life.  What is the purpose of life.
      What makes you think life has a purpose?
      In my opinion the purpose of life is to make things better than they were before I got here.
      Better for whom?
      (And by the way, you have always been here.)
      It is just my methodologies that have changed.
      They aren't "your" methodologies.  They have been around for 1000s of years.

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    • devi@pacific.net
      ... Patanjali. ... formed. ... devi: i have it on order from the library, i ve already read about four or five commentaries, most from indian scholors, i m
      Message 123 of 123 , Dec 17, 2003
        > If you like the study of the mind, Eglaelin, You might try Georg
        > Feuerstein's translation and commentary on "Yoga Sutra" by
        > It is the basis of Raja Yoga. It is very systematic and well
        > Love,
        > Bobby G.

        devi: i have it on order from the library, i've already read about
        four or five commentaries, most from indian scholors, i'm actually
        thinking about offering study groups in my area..
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