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Wat a Mind Warp

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  • alienprobemaster
    Have anyone ever tried to put a cd upside down in a microwave oven. Go ahead and try it, it is totaly safe, works good with princo recordable disk. Just after
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2003
      Have anyone ever tried to put a cd upside down in a microwave oven.
      Go ahead and try it, it is totaly safe, works good with princo
      recordable disk. Just after a couple of seconds when you turn on the
      Microwave, it looks like if there is some type of electrick current
      moving from middle to the border on the surface of the cd. After you
      take out the cd, you see lots of crack on it's under surface. But
      also see circles where the cracks extends to. The circle reminds me
      of all the stages of Concienceness, that extend from the beginin
      (middle) to the Outer Border. And the surface of the cd representing
      the coulorful state of the mind. When you look at a angle to the
      surface, you see two lines on either side, one on the left has
      yellow, red and violet, making me think of "precious", and the other
      side green, blue and purple, making me think of "creative". And then
      comes the cracks, jumping from one circle to the other. Making me
      think of the When, Where, How and What. Sometimes the crack are thick
      and somethimes the cracks are thin. But most importantly there are a
      Plentyfull of Cracks from each Circle to another, prezerving all the
      possiblelities, and sometime there are a very big crack moving in a
      straight line through all the cicles, that crack reminds me of
      Enlightenment. And wat about the Electrick Nova that created all
      this. It make me think what is the energy that drives us, that pushes
      you forward, not waiting for any one but only for the moment that is
      now. Did you see how it move from one circle to the other. And as it
      passes on to create another circle, it dies out on the earlier one,
      leaving the scar that kan either be your fate, fantasy or nothing at
      all. But wat is this, the current stops at a border, it does not
      contenu, or maybe it does not need to contenu. Wat can this meen, is
      it the path to some form of Super Human, and wat about the center, is
      it really the begining, or was it something else something other. And
      so I said to myself, now lets begin at the top once more. And as i
      create more cracks on disks and think of everything I see, I still
      cant find the missing link, and then it hit me. I did not now have
      only one disk infront of me, but now i have plentyfull disk infront
      of me. Maybe this meens that there is not only 1 me, or maybe this
      meen that the one border extends to another one's begining, or can it
      be that there is more than just me. And then i realised, and said to
      myself, it is tru, all people around me is not just a image in my
      head, they are real just like me, sharing the plains of all the 7
      Universes, each with her/his own rime of reason and enginuaty of
      destrucktion, the missing link is myself. O boy, where did I send my
      mind to now, it does not feel enlightend, it feels...... real.

      State of Concienceness Now : Reality Conqeurs all, but the mind is
      the only thing that realized it ?
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