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We Have Much to Give Thanks For Today and Always

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Most fortunate and blessed are we who have been called into this inner journey that complete our destiny. Thrice blessed are those who realise this, recognise
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2003
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      "Most fortunate and blessed are we who have been called into this
      inner journey that complete our destiny. Thrice blessed are those who
      realise this, recognise this inner, mystical, spiritual truth, who,
      recognising the exact implication of this spiritual vocation, this
      call of the Eternal, whole-heartedly plunge into this spiritual
      journey and commence the inner ascent towards Divinity.

      That is the call of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita: tasmad yogi bhava'rjuna
      (Therefore become a Yogi, O Arjuna). Come, awake, arise with firm
      resolution and seek the Immortal, move towards the Eternal. Strive
      for Self-realisation. Thus, that soul who recognises the implications
      of being upon the earth place as a human individual is fortunate. He
      is not labouring under a handicap. On the contrary he is at a vantage
      point. He takes advantage of this great opportunity and concentrates
      all his energy, all his attention upon this great vocation and
      becomes thrice blessed.

      Thus is the call of Dattatreya, the great Guru. You are the ever-
      liberated one. You have no karmic bondage. Neither do you have any
      bondage of physical karma, nor bondage of verbal karma, nor bondage
      of mental karma. Free of all bondage, you are the ever-liberated
      Spirit, the Cosmic Being. Why do you not recognise this fact? Why do
      you still wander about, groping, falling, stumbling? Why do you weep
      and wail? Come, rejoice and enter into this adventure of life.
      Joyously undertake this pilgrimage to the pinnacle of perfection.

      Jesus too calls: Most fortunate and blessed are ye. Come, come, seek
      the Eternal. Give it first priority. That is the highest value. It is
      the pearl of surpassing price, to have which it is worthwhile
      throwing aside and giving up everything else.

      If a farmer, a labourer even, discovers that there is hidden gold in
      the field he is labouring in, then he goes home and sells away
      everything that he has and purchases that small plot of land. People
      may think that this person is foolish: What is he doing? Paying such
      an exorbitant price for this bit of land is madness! But he knows
      that the price that he is paying is nothing, because this plot of
      land contains hidden gold, a hundredfold more valuable than the price
      he is now paying. He knows.

      Thus it is with the awakened individual soul. He knows that
      everything that has been given up for the spiritual ideal is nothing.
      Nothing has been given up. For the spiritual ideal is more valuable
      than all the gold and silver and diamonds and the wealth of the world
      put together. It is the treasure of treasures, the wealth of wealths,
      the pearl of surpassing price, atulya, unparalleled. He knows, and
      therefore he takes this step with rejoicing. He says: My renunciation
      is no renunciation. It is a great acquisition, a great gain.

      Thus with knowledge and wisdom, with understanding and recognition,
      with clear vision and insight, the great step is taken, and it is
      rejoicing all the way. For every moment, each step and every breath,
      it is the fulfilment of God's divine plan for the fortunate
      individual soul. Thus, one must rightly understand, appraise,
      evaluate and recognise the life spiritual, the ideal divine and the
      goal supreme. That is wisdom. That is real blessedness.

      Then one brings to bear all enthusiasm and all energy to this quest,
      because one knows the worth of what one is doing. And that is a great
      Sri Swami Chidananda, President,
      Divine Life Society
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