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Re: Dealing with Life's Meditations

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  • Andy
    The danger in non-attachment comes when it is used as an excuse Excuses happen. Attachment or non-attachment doesn t eradicate that. to separate ourselves
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2003
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      The danger in non-attachment comes when it is used as an excuse
      Excuses happen.  Attachment or non-attachment doesn't eradicate that.
      to separate ourselves from those around us.
      There is never an separation.  Separation is an illusion.  There may be a belief in separation.  Just as there are beliefs such as "the world is flat" and "AIDS is a death sentence."
      I will give you an example from my own life.

      I used to share a house with several people.  Among the renters there was a couple where the husband was a Buddhist.
      There are no Buddhists.
      One day the woman picked up her daughter from pre-school. The little girls genitals were red and irritated. We decided to take her to the doctor. Before we left we called the husband and told him what was going on. His reply was I will see you after meditation class.  The hospital reported that the girl had been
      molested. We called the husband again. The same reply was given. When he finally showed up he said he needed meditation class so that he would not be attached to his daughters condition. He
      used non-attachment to hide from what was going on.
      Your last sentence above is your interpretation of what happened.  It is the story you believe about the event.
      Was he hiding?  You think so.  Can you be sure?  Perhaps the motivations which guided his behavior were different.  (I am neither approving nor condoning his behavior.)
      Look closely at this!  What you may begin to see is how thought creates stories and, unthinkingly, we assume those stories to be "real."

      The present was his daughter was in the hospital after being molested. He retreated from the Now
      Retreating from the Now is not possible.  It is like saying that one's shadow can move away on its own.
      and hid in his non-attachment. Was knowing himself more important that the circumstances of the Now?
      Apparently, to him, it was.  (I'm not suggesting he was right in thinking so; just pointing out that it...happened.)
      What was more important his self-knowledge or the suffering of his daughter?  This is the danger of simply existing without any attachemt.
      He wasn't existing without attachment.......He was attached to being non-attachment.
      He was operating out of a belief that without his meditation class he couldn't deal with his daughter's situation appropriately.
      Consider: what do you believe "being attached" or "having an attachment" means?  How would you know such was (or was not) the case?
      Happy Turkey-Bird day!

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