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  • Tony
    Hi Jim, Thanks for your explanation. I think I have a better understanding of what you are saying, although there are now some new things that I need to
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2002
      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your explanation. I think I have a better understanding of what
      you are saying, although there are now some new things that I need to
      understand. As this is a meditation forum, I would like to place this
      discussion in the context of meditation.

      When you meditate, you may experience things that you have never experienced
      before. Since these are not common, everyday experiences, you may not have
      the exact words to express your experience. We want to communicate our
      experience, so what do we do? We could create new words. Unfortunately, for
      some of us, our language skills are not so deep that we can create new words
      easily. How many of us have ever created a new word that became generally

      What we generally do is take a practical approach and select words which
      best fit our meaning and qualify them when we feel that what may be
      understood goes outside of our meaning. I think we have a sense that words
      are tools that we use to communicate.

      Human interaction has a natural efficiency. We simply would not last long if
      we did not have this efficiency. That is why, for instance, Eskimos have so
      many words for snow. Human interaction also evolves as new experiences are
      shared. If we created new words for every shade in every new experience, we
      would soon be flooded with new words and communication would become

      So where does that leave us? I think we can use existing words in new ways
      if we believe the receiver will understand the new use to our satisfaction.
      This is how words naturally evolve. If there is any confusion in the new use
      of words, our natural desire for efficiency will adjust either the word or
      its connotation and denotation. This will happen much faster than any formal
      process of definition. Our desire to communicate should not wait for a
      generally acceptable word to be created.

      Coming back to your post, can you give me an example of where "...a skeptic
      has misused words to prove the nonexistence of the original phenomena when
      its postulated characteristics can not be observed..."?

      Also, can you help me in an aspect of meditation I want to describe? In my
      inner sounds meditation, I experience something that has some of the
      features of movement. When I focus on a sound, that sound appears to come
      closer, while other sounds appear to recede. It feels like I am moving
      towards the sound I am focusing on, even though there is no physical
      movement. What word or words could I use to describe this experience?

      Thanks again for your comments...Tony

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      > I could not quite understand your post. Could you explain it for me

      Words that have well-defined and well-known acceptable meanings (in this
      "energy") are misused to apply to things that they really don't, and people
      extrapolate from known characteristics of the item identified ("energy") to
      prognosticate unobserved phenomena that just don't happen. Instead of
      communicating the person misusing the term spreads confusion or disbelief.
      Such misuse has been used by skeptics in many arena as proof of nonexistence
      of the original phenomena when there postulated characteristics can not be

      Personally, I would much rather that a new word be used that didn't have the
      additional baggage.


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