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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Another Email about IN DEEP MEDITATION DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE ?

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  • Jason Fishman
    Hi B, Yes, this is very familiar to me. What has been going on since I was 13 as well is very much as you describe and also very in line with what many that
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 24, 2003
      Hi B,
      Yes, this is very familiar to me. What has been going on since I was 13 as well is very much as you describe and also very in line with what many that find alternate conciousness have come to describe.
      Recently I have discovered that the levels you speak on are really lateral and not teared, as a level would describe a higher plain of consciousness. That there is no adding up to what may come in beyond the beyond, that awareness of consciousness as already across the entirety of reality and not much unlike dreaming, or actively imagining while awake (only more vivid).
      One of the problems I have come to recently is that as this becomes more apparent, more clear, is there are shifts without practicing meditation. Perhaps while driving a car or watching a ball game. It swells, this feeling you mention and often can cause panic since it is outside of the norm (although not in me in many years). I seriously doubt though that this isn't a natural phenomena and one will only experience such a "level" as you say, when it becomes apparent to see it, in readiness, so to speak.
      One thing without any doubt, through this experience, one becomes aware that it is entirely imposible to be alone in this observation, since there are many others "there" during the unfolding. So as you state with, "do you see what I see?" is just as impossible to say no to, as a person with working eyes would be able to say no to seeing the sun. How intriging that it is to be so blind, yet to see more then one could ever imagine?
      Peace and Love

      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      "B" sent this email in response to my answer to his last email asking
      this question...IN DEEP MEDITATION DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? Here it is,
      and below is my response:

      This is a question I have asked many times. With almost no results,
      answers or any ideas. I have met one person in my life time that knows
      what I'm talking about. When I was about 13 yrs old I discovered that
      no one else had the ability, hobby or what ever you want to call it ?
      When I would try to talk with friends, family ect. I would get blank
      stares and could sense people were uncomfortable with the subject,so
      being that I was age 13-ish and already selfconscious as it was, I
      decided to keep this little hobby to myself. [ life goes on ]  HIGH
      SCHOOL : " Mr. Popular " "Girlfriends-o-plenty" I meet "A",
      [ future girlfriend ] she's breaking the ice with a discussion about a
      movie she has just seen called "The lawn mower man " "Some of the the
      visual effects in the movie are alot like the " "PICTURE SHOW".  "THE
      PICTURE SHOW ?, what are you talking about?" "You know, The picture
      show, like, right before you go to sleep at night when you
      shut your eyes and relax, you start to see colors, 3-D
      patterns,images, numbers, places, people, and things we dont have
      words for". I remember that I just stood there with my jaw open ,
      thinking she had just "spilled the beans". But I also felt
      as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I was not alone in
      that sense anymore. At that time "A" had thought that everyone had
      this ability. Much like I had thought before I was 13-ish. [ life goes
      I'm now at 27 yrs with a wife and 2 children. My son is the oldest at
      4 yrs.He has recently been daignosed with autism. Is there a
      connection between my ability and his ability? Like my ability, my
      son's ability has a lot more questions than answers. No body seems to
      know anything. [back to meditation] I have read many books on
      meditation and all I seem to be getting is the same philosophical
      jargon. Meditation is the key to my ability.
      I know there are more than two people on the planet that will know
      what happens when I meditate.
      [1] ear plugs {optional}   
      [2] close eyes
      [3] take deep breaths {concentrate on breath}
      [4] clear your mind  {the tricky part}
      [5] focus on the darkness of your mind {how far can you see?}
      [6] extremly detailed translucent mosiac type patterns of color
      sporatically appear from the darkness.  {you have now entered the
      twilight zone}
      [7] you are now cut off from your body, you feel weightless. {as if
      all this time your brain had been crammed into a skull that is 2 times
      too small and now it has relaxed, something has filled your brain with
      helium and its floating.}
      [8] the patterns get stronger ,more detailed,more vibrant,more 3-D
      like. {by this time you have probably seen hundreds of patterns, they
      change very quickly, no one pattern seems to be anything like the last
      one, like they could go on forever,each one different like a
      [9] now you start to fall through the translucent patterns,the faster
      you fall the faster they change.
      [10] you feel butterflies in your brain like your on a roller coaster,
      you feel like your absorbing some type of energy you have never felt
      before,or could never grow tired of, { where do we get the energy for
      each new day, were do children get their energy, where do we all get
      energy, let's ask an insomniac.}
      [11] As your traveling through the patterns, you'll start to see
      objects that seem to stay constant with you.  Some of these objects
      are descriptive with words we know and others are incomprehensible.
      [ie; a neon green, translucent sphere hovers in the distance, spinning
      horizontially to the right, while three dimensional letters spin to
      the left around the sphere like Saturns rings.  These letters are a
      bright, translucent pink.  These letters don't have a specific origin,
      some may be in the English alphabet, and some are foreign to me.  They
      may be in a different language.  Sometimes you'll see numbers, as if
      you're reading a mathmatical equasion but it is unrecognizable.  You
      may think that bringing back some of this information is easy but it
      is harder than you think.  Time has slowed down to a snails pace,
      every second seems to last minutes, and it's hard to process all of
      these things at the same time and still maintain concentration to stay
      in the depth of meditation that you have attained.  It can be broken
      easily at this point.]
      [12] The next stage; It's a little difficult to describe, it's
      extremely vast and at a faster pace.  I've only attained this stage a
      few times.  It's probably better that I explain how I felt rather than
      what I saw.  The first time I attained this level I felt as if all
      conciousness as I've known it started to slip away from me.  I felt an
      emotion better than I've ever felt and I thought that I was going to
      die.  Even though it felt so good I became scared and brought myself
      out of meditation. After I had time to think about the experience I
      realized that it was ridiculous to think that I could die from
      meditation.  As I've gone back to the same level on ocassion, I have
      not feared death.  But since then I have a hard time holding this
      level in my grasp.  I feel there is much to learn from this level and
      who knows what levels are to come after this one?

      So does this sound familiar to anyone?  Since I've learned more about
      my sons ability with autism, I've often seen similarities between that
      and my ability in meditation.  Sometimes at night when my son is in
      his bed, my wife and I will listen to him laugh out loud, the same way
      he laughs when I throw him up and down in the air, as if he is
      enjoying some kind of a ride with his eyes wide open in the darkness.
      If this is at all true it would be one helluva ride for a little boy.
      I will find the answers I am looking for if there are any.

      Any serious comments would be appreciated.

      Yes, all this is analagous to what I was describing in that Welcome
      piece. You've been approaching and seeing this side of the "Veil of
      Illusion" and are ready to pierce it and see/know/experience Reality
      (or whatever adjective you are comfortable with). Every meditator will
      eventually see what you've seen. Think of the Native Anerican designs
      on their rugs, the Australian and African bushman's tattoo designs,
      the way stained glass found in churches and synagogues looks, the
      mosaic tile work in Mosques, the mandalas's of the Hinsu's and
      Buddists. Yes, there are Billions of people who have seen what you
      see. And a few of them have "died" and gone and seen through the veil
      and perceived "That" from which the geometric patterns, numerical and
      letter-like images, paisley patterned designs, etc. come from.
      I like that you refer to your son as having an ability and not a
      disability. I'm wondering how you see your "ability and his ability"?
      In any event, it isn't just you and one other, unless you count the
      "others" as all One, which is very mystical/spiritually politically
      correct, who "See what I see".
      Peace and blessings,

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