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Re: Naked Invitation/Devi

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  • devianandi
    ... devi: oh, like knowing what you were doing over in the other group was imagination and coloring? ... a ... devi: i think your being naive ... invitation
    Message 1 of 20 , Nov 5, 2003
      > > devi: i have no idea what to say to you....except, i expressed
      > myself and you expressed yourself,,you got offended at what i
      > said and i got creepy feeling that jp invited strange woman me
      > included into a sexually oriented group grope..enjoy
      > yourself...smiles
      > SG: that is an imagination and coloring .....

      devi: oh, like knowing what you were doing over in the other group
      was imagination and coloring?
      > there was only an invitation to a new group..... yes there is
      > sexual overtone ....
      > but nothing was said about a come and get a group grope .......
      > that is reading between the lines and only stems from a run
      > away imagination.......

      devi: i think your being naive
      > let's try and see it without a coloring ..... there was an
      > posted to a group .... we don't have to chase after it nor fight
      > ..... let it remain for those who wish to follow that avenue.......

      devi: like i said, if you enjoy that sort of thing go for it, it
      still grosses me out and i would never stay in it...how much you
      wanna bet that porn will be introduced at some point...? say 10
    • devianandi
      ... devi: it seems to me that you are condeming me. ... devi: oh really and I am ... devi: thats fine but that I also ... devi: interesting ... if ... devi: we
      Message 2 of 20 , Nov 5, 2003
        --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Gene Poole"
        <gene_poole@q...> wrote:
        > >devianandi <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > >>(in reply to Gene, who said:)
        > > >
        > > > There you 'go' again, Devi.
        > >
        > > devi: there she goes...
        > > > On what basis do you make such condemnations?
        > >
        > > devi: personal preference
        > Do you prefer to condemn?
        > That... is a big 'problem'.

        devi: it seems to me that you are condeming me.
        > > >
        > Strange... because as a reader of this list,
        > you already did tell me just that...
        devi: oh really

        and I am
        > here to tell you, that I not only disagree with
        > your judgment/condemnation,

        devi: thats fine

        but that I also
        > warn you of a potentially fatal flaw in your
        > handling of yourself... how you gate your own
        > energies, in reaction to what you observe, or
        > think that you observe...

        devi: interesting
        > > > Something you do not know, but which I will now
        > > > tell you: There are no standards.
        > >
        > > devi: i think your right, but i don't believe you walk the talk,
        > > you did, we wouldn't be having this conversation
        > 'We' are having this conversation, because I care to
        > do so... how about you?

        devi: we are having this conversation becasue you don't walk your
        talk and i'm just pointing that out to you
        > > > There Is No Law
        > >
        > > devi: right back atcha
        > I detect lack of understanding of what I said...

        devi: thats ok, *There is No Law* is not anything so profound that i
        need to explore what you mean by it..anymore than what i already
        think you mean
        > > > All of that is purely human invention;
        > >
        > > devi: what is not human invention
        > What invented humans, is not a human
        > invention...

        devi: humans were never invented, the idea was is and always will be
        inherent in what is
        > > and you
        > > > continually reveal yourself to be slave to the
        > > > invention of humans.... no different than 'addiction'
        > > > to anything else...
        > >
        > > devi: if i were to ever give you an indepth look into the life of
        > > what has been me i imagine that you might have a different view...
        > Still, a slave to circumstances... such as the
        > emission of condemnations... and on a regular,
        > predictable basis, as well...

        devi: your like the blind man who touches the elephant and thinks he
        knows the whole elephant..
        > > > Do you really think yourself better, than the one
        > > > who made you, and gave you sexuality, and
        > > > (heaven forbid!) genitals?
        > >
        > > devi: gene, is that *enlightenement*? ..to think that there is a
        > > someone else who made me?
        > Not 'someone' in the sense you seem to imply, Devi

        devi: ok gene, your on the stage now...tell us in what sense did you
        imply a *someone*
        > > > It is all about choice, Devi... not 'law'.
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > ==Gene Poole==
        > >
        > > devi: like i quoted in another group today,,,from baba hari
        > > are like goats tied to a fence with a long rope...
        > Can you exist, without the constraint of the rope?
        devi: i have at times..it doesn't seem to suit my purposes now
        > > so, you want to have a contest...see who can talk about genitals
        > > best and the longest?
        > That is not the topic here. Elsewhere, it is the topic...


        > Meditation on the 'blank screen' of empty awareness itself,
        > will resolve for you, the issues we are discussing...
        > ==Gene Poole==

        devi: i have no resolutions waiting to happen, thats your trip...you
        meditate on that blank screen of empty awareness, is that orange
        chair available for you? what does Neo stand for?
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