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  • Dennis Koenig
    I received the message below from a dear friend. Read it, and then scroll down for more comments from me. ... Subject: Re: FW: I Need This Back. If You Do
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5 8:48 AM
      I received the message below from a dear friend.  Read it, and then scroll down for more comments from me.
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      Subject: Re: FW: I Need This Back. If You Do This For Me.....

      > I Need This Back. If You Do This For Me, I'll do it for you.
      >  When there is nothing left but God, that is when you
      find out that God is
      > all you need.
      >  Take 60 seconds and
      give this a shot! All you do is simply say the
      > following small prayer
      for the person who sent you this.
      > Father, God bless all my
      friends in whatever it is that You know they may be
      > needing this day!
      And may their life be full of your peace, prosperity and
      > power as he/she
      seeks to have a closer relationship with you.
      > Amen.
      > Then send it on to five other people, including the one who sent it to
      > Within hours five people have prayed for you, and you caused a
      multitude of
      > people to pray for other people.
      > Then sit back and
      watch the power of God work in your life.
      > P. S. Five is good,
      but more is better.
      Knowing the person who sent this to me, I know it was sent with the best of intentions, out of true love.
      It's not a bad idea.  It has the potential to get people prayerfully considering each other, taking time out to pray for each other.  There can be nothing wrong with that, and only good in it.  I like it.  So I prayed for the person who sent it to me, as requested.  And with these added comments, I'm forwarding it to a whole bunch of people, but not to ask you to pray for me, though I certainly need all the prayerful support I can get at all times in my life.  I'm forwarding this message to suggest another idea.
      There's only one line in the message above that caused me some concern.  The first line:
      "If You Do This For Me, I'll do it for you."
      While praying for the friend who sent me this message, another idea came up.  An image came to mind of an occasion not long ago when I saw a televised talk that the Dalai Lama gave to a huge audience.  At the end of his talk, he took some questions from the audience.  One person asked him to lead them in a prayer.  His answer was, "I am not much for prayer.  I prefer action."  He did, however, lead them in a meditation.
      I don't think he intended to disparage the action of prayer.  Prayer is action, too.  I think he just had other kinds of action in mind at the time, considering the content of the talk he had just given.  An idea for another kind of action popped into my mind.
      You may want to pass this idea along by forwarding it to other people, but I'd much rather you just DO the idea instead of peddling the idea.  (As soon as I finish typing this, I've got a stack of post cards sitting next to my keyboard that I'm going to start using for this purpose.  TODAY.  In fact, they are pre-stamped post cards that someone gave me as a gift, for exactly the purpose I now have in mind.)
      Here's the idea that arose during my prayer (modify it to suit you):
      Take five minutes each day for the first five days of every month, or 25 minutes on the first day of every month, to send cards, notes, or loving email messages to five friends and/or family members.  Maybe you don't know what to say.  Okay, so pick a little poem or a verse from a song or hymn that you really like.  Or some favorite quote from a famous thinker.  Or a cartoon.  Or a picture of a flower.  Or just send them a post card, and scribble on the back, "Just wanted to say I love you.  That's all!  Have a wonderful day!"  Or, if you're more verbose, tell them that you care about them, love them, and think often of them, if all that is true.  Just let them know that they are loved and appreciated, not for anything in particular that they did, but just for being who they are.  While you're at it, take a moment to bless the person in a prayerful way, from the bottom of your heart, maybe while you attach the stamp or click "send" or while walking to the mailbox.
      Maybe the place to begin is with cards or notes to the people in your own household.
      Do this every month for a year, with the intention of developing it into a lifetime habit.
      VERY IMPORTANT:  Expect nothing in return.
      Just an idea.  Could be an action if you like the idea.
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