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It's About Time

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  • medit8ionsociety
    When things happen at the same time, it s often considered a spiritual sign from above and something to be paid attention to. As Sandeep has so eloquently
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 3, 2003
      When things happen at the same time, it's often considered a spiritual
      sign from above and something to be paid attention to. As Sandeep has
      so eloquently posted about time today, and as I just got this at this
      time, it seems to be time to post it. In any event, I always enjoy
      Swami Sivananda every time. Enjoy!


      Time is the mode of the mind. It is a mental creation. Time is a
      trick of the mind. It is an illusion. Brahman is beyond time. It is
      eternity. Go beyond time and rest in the timeless, eternal,
      imperishable Brahman.

      'Up and down', 'within and without', 'high and low', 'big and
      small', 'thin and stout', 'virtue and vice', 'good and
      bad', 'pleasure and pain', 'here and there', are all relative terms.
      They are mental creations only. Up will become down and down will
      become up. This stick is small when compared to that big stick, but
      that big stick will become small when compared with an even bigger
      stick! Within will become without and without will become within.

      What is good at one time is bad at another time. What is good for one
      man is bad for another man. What is dharma for one is adharma for
      another and, what is dharma at one time is not dharma at another time.

      Brahman is neither thin nor stout, neither big nor small. In Brahman
      there is neither within nor without, neither virtue nor vice, neither
      pleasure nor pain, good nor bad. It is a homogeneous essence of bliss
      and knowledge where there is no play of the mind, neither time nor
      space, east nor west, past nor future, Thursday nor Friday.

      Tomorrow becomes today and today becomes yesterday. Future becomes
      present and present becomes the past. What is all this? This is a
      creation or trick of the mind only. In God, everything is in the
      present only; it is here only.

      There is neither night nor day, yesterday nor tomorrow in the sun. It
      is the mind that has created time and space. When you are happy time
      passes quickly. When you are unhappy time hangs heavily. All this is
      only a relative world.

      Life is not a question of creeds but of deeds well done. No life is
      free from difficulties, it is a series of conflicts. Face them boldly
      through the grace of the Lord and the power of his name. Change is
      the law of life. Truth is the law of life. Love is the fulfilling of
      the law of life. Death is the gate to another life. Life is endless.
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